Title: Stealing Forms
Date Written: 2003-2004
Author: Court
Rating: PG13 to R
Pairing: Remy/Warren
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Fandom: X-men Comicverse
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Status: Unfinished
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Warning: Slash, M/M situtations. Bad Language. Violence.
Notes: This story is AU, based on Comicverse. Slash, nothing graphic yet. Language. Violence.
Author's Note: If the Letters Look Like This that means the characters are thinking it....not telepathy, just to themselves.
If the ~Letters are in Squiggles~ it is Telepathy. As usual, I went easy on the accents. And I am not a professional writer and my english grammar sucks, so bare with me. Enjoy the story, not the grammar. ^_^
Summary: During capture Remy is changed by Sinister, giving Warren a change of his own...a change of heart. Can a love blossom from two people that hated one another? Can the relationship handle the secrets of the past and meddling friends and family members?

Stealing Forms
Above the planet on a wing and a prayer,
My grubby halo, a vapour trail in the empty air,
Across the clouds I see my shadow fly
Out of the corner of my watering eye
A dream unthreatened by the morning light
Could blow this soul right through the roof of the night
There's no sensation to compare with this
Suspended animation, A state of bliss
Can't keep my eyes from the circling skies
Tongue-tied and twisted just an earth-bound misfit, I
-Pink Floyd, Learning to Fly

Logan woke when his body hit the floor, hard. He blinked once and then twice at the dimly lit room not recognizing his surroundings. He sat up and shook his head trying to remember exactly what happened, and where the hell he was hauled off to. The last thing he remembered was fighting Creed, he recalls losing it soon after that. Wasn't sure if his lack of memory was due to his feral side or being knocked out, that was another mystery. He hated mysteries.

He was sent out on a mission, with the Cajun and Wings. Typical information pick up, quick trip to and from, no fight. They didn't even bother putting on their uniforms it was suppose to be so peaceful. Like a vacation he remembers Cyke saying. Some vacation! That's not the way it went, he remembered that much. Obviously Sinister had some interest in the information as well and they met the Marauders in the building. He had gone feral during the battle with Creed, and he must have lost the fight, if he ended up here. He looked around the large metal room and didn't find either teammate. He wondered if they had even been brought in or if they escaped. He hoped for the latter, because taking in the scents around him he realized where he was. He smelt the always present stench of a lab, the various drugs and chemicals were assaulting his senses. It didn't take a genius to realize that if he were fighting Marauders one minute and in a lab the next, that Sinister had to be behind it.

He moved to the glowing forcefield at the front of the room and looked into the cell across from him, it had been recently emptied. He could still smell the blood and sickness from the poor soul that once inhabited it, but luckily the scent was not anyone he was familiar with. He learned forward as far as he could, being careful of the energy shield, he had learned through other captures not to touch it, unless of course he wanted to be fried. Looking down the short metallic hallway he saw three other cells, several had forcefields up as well, meaning there were captives around him. "Gumbo! Angel!" He stood for a minute trying to hear any signs of either man before yelling again. He stopped when he heard a heavy door open and close. He may not have gotten his friend's attention, but he got someone's. A growl instinctively raised from his throat when he recognized the guard's scent. "Scalphunter..."

"You can stop you're screaming. It won't help your friends." Scalphunter said calmly. Obviously not afraid of the caged X-men in front of him, just annoyed by his yelling. He knew one touch of the shield would be enough to throw Logan back across the cell.

"So they are here! Where are they ya bastard? You lay a hand on them and so help..."

"Yea, I've heard it all before, old man, and it doesn't scare me now either. If you haven't noticed your the one in the cage, and I'm the one outside, so your threats are a waste of breath. It wouldn't matter anyway, no one can help them at this point, they are in the lab. Their fates are sealed. I suggest you keep your voice down or Sinister will take you back there as well. The only reason you are here is because he is finished with you...for now." Scalphunter turned and left the small prison, not listening to the threats and curses of the short Canadian, or the moans and pleas of the other prisoners that had long been deformed or sickened by Sinisters experiments. He had long lost the emotion to care.

Logan banged his fist against the forcefield, receiving a sharp shock in return, causing him to curse. He was surprised when the burn on his hand healed quickly. His powers were still active. Sinister never left their powers active, it was too dangerous. It might not be a problem with keeping him here, maybe not even Angel, but Gambit could blow the cell and free them in one blast. He had to wonder what the hell Sinister was up to this time. What he was doing to his friends and what he had done to him. He had been in the lab, who knows what the madman had the time to do. He didn't feel different, but that didn't mean he wouldn't feel something later. He worried about Remy and Warren as well. They were still there, under torturous conditions he was sure. Both men had been hurt by Sinister in the past and this would just add to both their anger and fear. He hated his inability to do anything about it, all he could do was wait until he had both of them in the cell with him, or at least knew where they were. He couldn't attempt escape, even if he had a way of doing it. A sigh of frustration escaped his lips as he slid down the far wall, his arms resting on his bent knees. He would wait, thats all he could do, that and hope.


Warren opened his eyes slowly. He felt disoriented, dizzy, almost like he was floating. When he took in his surrounding he found he was doing just that. He was in a large tube, swimming in a green liquid he could not identify, and he wasn't sure he wanted to. He felt the fluids assaulting his lungs and mouth, but surprisingly he could breath. He wondered if that was possible or if he was just dreaming, maybe dead, and heaven wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. He looked around as best he could seeing large equipment and medical tables through a green blurry haze of the liquid. When he slowly turned his head he saw several forms in the distance. He squinted his eyes, trying to focus through the green muck. Instinctively he pounded the glass when he saw his captor. He didn't need to have his keen sight to know who the dark figure before him was. The black cape and armored body gave him away, not to mention the perverse lab he was in.

Sinister had his back to him, standing over a medical table. He kicked and punched the glass attempting escape. Something in the back of his mind told him it was useless, to stop fighting, but he couldn't give up. If he couldn't escape, he could at least get the madman's attention, maybe then he would find what the scientists reasons for keeping him here were. He began to scream through the liquid that filled his lungs when Sinister finally glanced at him over his shoulder. The doctor turned his full attentions to the tube with a sigh of frustration. When he moved away from the the table, Warren got his first glance at what the monster was working on. It was Remy strapped down to the large table, numerous tubes and IVs attached to and in his body. He panicked, he was never great friends with LeBeau, but he couldn't let Sinister do this to his teammate. "You asshole let him go!"

Sinister walked calmly to the tube, and pushed several buttons silently, ignoring the profanities and curses that were muddled by thick liquid they were forced through. "Sleep now. I will deal with you when I am finished with LeBeau."

"No! Let him go! Let me out of here...." Warren's eyes widened in panic when air filled the liquid, causing it to churn and turn to a deep shade of red. He pounded on the glass in fear when his view of his surroundings were taken from him by the dark fluids around him. He felt himself getting weaker, he screams becoming quieter, until he fell into darkness.


Logan stood from his seating on the cold metal floor when he heard the heavy door open again. He growled and unsheathed his claws in warning when Scalphunter and Harpoon came into view, only backing down when he saw they were carrying two unconscious bodies over their shoulders. He wanted to make a move to get out, but he couldn't put his friend's lives in that kind of danger. That and there was no way he could get out with both of them out cold like they were. He held his ground and watched the shield in front of the cell drop and Warren and Remy were thrown in, hitting the floor hard. The shield went back up and the two Marauders disappeared down the hall without a word, just quiet chatter and laughter amongst themselves.

When he heard the large door close at the end of the hall, signalling the two Marauders departure, he turned to his friends. Seeing that Remy was pale and lifeless he rushed to him first, fearing the worst. He leaned down and checked for a pulse, finding a healthy heartbeat, but his skin was clammy and cold. He pulled off his jacket and draped it over the Cajun's torso and moved over to Warren. Checking Warren's pulse and temperature and found him normal, looking for injuries he found none. The only oddity was the strange liquid he was covered in. It didn't seem to be causing any damage to the winged mutant so he assumed it wasn't too hazardous. He moved back over to Remy, he seemed to be the one that caused concern. He checked his bare chest and for injuries or broken bones and found none. He slowly rolled Remy over onto his stomach and checked for any other wounds and found nothing out of the ordinary.

"Is he alright?" Warren asked groggily after coughing up green liquid onto the floor.

"Well at least one of you is awake. I think he's alright, I can't find any injuries or anything. He is a bit pale though. You?"

"I'll be alright once I get this goop out of my lungs and get a long hot shower. Are you sure there's nothing wrong with him? He was strapped to a table last time I woke up. Had IVs and tubes and everything sticking out of him. God only knows what that monster did." Warren rubbed his head and was disgusted by the green goo on his skin.

Logan pointed to the corner. "Looks like we got the presidential suite this time. It's not a hot shower, but it'll have to do."

Warren looked over his shoulder to see a sink and toilet nested in the corner. "Well, that's new for Sinister. Hell, at this rate he may even feed us."

Logan snorted. "Don't count on it, he ain't that nice of a guy." Logan checked Remy over again as Warren cleaned up. Being told that the younger man was subjected to some kind of experiment worried him, but he couldn't even find even needle marks. "Are ya sure he was the one on the table? He doesn't have a mark on him."

Warren turned from the sink and rushed over, kneeling next to Logan. He lifted Remy's arm and turned it, looking for wounds from the IVs he saw earlier. "That's not possible, I know it was him. Sinister even said his name. How the hell did the IVs and tubes not leave any marks? It's not like he has a healing factor or something."

Logan closed his eyes and growled under his breath. He hoped he was wrong. He released one claw and picked up Remy's hand, cutting a small rivet across the back of it.

"Logan, what the hell are you doing, are you nuts?" Warren grabbed Logan to pull him away, when the Canadian raised his hand, stopping him. They watched in horror and surprise as the wound slowly stitched itself back together, not even leaving a scar behind. "Logan, please tell me this is just another one of LeBeau's secrets and not something new."

"No he didn't have this before. That flamin' doctor out there fucked with him. Somehow he took my healing factor and put it into him, I'm guessin'. I was in the lab earlier, so I'm told, he must have taken what he needed from me then. Logan turned and looked at Warren, holding out his hand. "Give me your arm."

Warren shook his head lightly. "No."

"Damn it Wings, we need to know if he fucked ya up too, give me your arm." Logan went for Warren's wrist and missed when it was jerked away.

"I'm not letting you cut on me!" Warren backed away from Logan until he remembered the fight before. "Wait! Look...." Warren held up his dirty shirt tail, showing Logan the shallow cuts from Sabretooth claws he recieved during the fight in the building. "If I had your healing factor these would be gone right?"

Logan rolled his eyes and grumbled "baby" under his breath. Satisfied that Warren was still himself, he returned his attention back to Remy. It worried him that he wasn't waking up, even after cutting his hand. If he did have his healing factor it should have gotten rid of any injury or drug that was keeping him asleep too. He hoped that was the only thing Sinister did to the kid, his healing factor was no big thing to have, it might actually be a good thing if it doesn't muck with his system too much. Anything else was a gamble.

"Uh, Logan...."

Logan rolled his eyes and turned to look at Warren who had taken a seat against the wall. "Uh, Warren....What?"

"If he has your healing factor, does that mean he has your feral thing too?" Warren questioned while giving him a worried look. It was alarming enough having Logan feral with metal claws, if Remy were out of control he could blow them all sky high.

Logan turned back to Remy, not sure how to answer that. He shared Warren's concern. If Remy were to have inherited that mutant gene as well, it could be a problem. The Cajun had no training in controlling something like that. "I don't know, we'll have to wait until he wakes up to find out. If so I'm gonna need your help in holdin' him down until we can talk some sense into him."

"Let's hope it doesn't come to that. I have no longing of dying in this hell hole because LeBeau blew me up. Wait a minute...why don't any of use have collars on?" Warren fingered his neck to make sure it wasn't just something he was missing.

"I don't know, I wondered that myself. It doesn't make much difference with you and me, but if Remy wakes up sane maybe he can get us out of here."

"Wow, Gambit useful, that's a new one!" Warren said sarcastically.

Logan pointed across the room with one claw, making his threat known. "Hey bub, Gumbo has saved your ass plenty of times, if you want to admit it or not! Situations like this he is a hell of a lot more useful then either of us, and X-men seem to get into a lot of these situations. So drop it."

Warren held his hands up in defeat. "Sorry, I know, your right. It's just a habit I guess."

Logan shook his head and took a seat on the opposite wall, pulling Remy to lay next to him. "It's a habit you need to break. Gumbo don't show it, but it bothers him. Even before ya knew about the Massacre you used to bad mouth him. I think if ya gave him half a chance you'd actually like him."

Warren sneered. "Oh, Yea, best of chums, I'm sure. The millionaire best friends with a thief, sounds like a great relationship, for him."

"Whatever Warren, your just being an ass now. Ya never give anyone a chance unless they are part of your silver spoon club." Logan growled at the younger man.

"Will y' stop your yellin', y' could wake the dead."

"Looks like we just did. Welcome back. How do ya feel?" Logan smiled hearing Remy talk, that meant he wasn't feral. That was one less thing they had to worry about.

"Bien, I guess. Where are we?" Remy opened his eyes slowly, allowing his eyes to adjust to the light. Which they did quicker then normal. Once he focused his sight above him all he saw was a very unfamiliar ceiling. Slowly rolling over to his side the view didn't get much better.

"Looks like our mission got us a first class ticket to Sinister's lab." Warren answered as he walked across the small room.

"Merde!" Remy sat up and shivered when the cold air hit his bare chest. He looked down and found himself in only a pair of medical issue pants. "What did he do?"

Logan sighed and picked up his jacket, that had fallen from Remy, and draped it over the Cajun's shoulders. "We're not really sure. We were hopin' you could tell us that. Do ya feel any different?"

Remy clung to the coat. He sat there for a moment searching for any signs of pain or feelings that were out of the ordinary and felt nothing. He lightly shook his head. "I don't feel any different. I feel bein."

"Listen, I don't want ya to freak out, but your not fine. Sinister messed with ya. Somehow he managed to give you my healing factor. I want to make sure he didn't give ya anything else." He could see Remy trembling. The kid was terrified and he knew he had all rights to be. He just hoped Warren wouldn't give him a hard time about it. He was sure Warren would be crying his eyes out if they were stuck in Apocalypse's lab instead of Sinister's.

"I don't want to rush you or anything, but I would like to get the hell out of here and since you are the only one with the power to do that..." Warren waved his hands to the wall, signalling Remy to blow it. He was worried about the Cajun too, but he was sure the worrying could be done just as well at the mansion as it could here.

Remy touched his neck and noticed there was no collar. He knew Sinister wouldn't have been so stupid. He stood slowly, Logan right behind him, and walked to the wall. "This probably ain't gonna work, mon ami. Essex's not gonna let us out that easy." He laid his hand on the cold metal wall and attempted to charge it. His hand glowed with power but the wall refused the charge. He turned back to the room with a sigh and shook his head. "Sorry, I figured that's why he didn't collar us. The walls are like one big collar. It stops the powers when they hit the wall. I have a better chance of chargin' y' then I do this room."

"Shit!" Warren cursed while punching the wall.

"Might as well sit back down, all we can do is wait. The others will figure out what's going on and track us down before ya know it." Logan grabbed Remy when he stumbled. "Kid, are ya alright?"

"This healing factor don't do anythin' for spinnin' rooms does it?" Remy held onto Logan for balance until they were seated against the back wall.

"Normally it does. I hate to say it Gumbo, but I think he fucked ya up a little more then just a healing factor." Logan felt Remy's head and didn't feel a fever, but could see that Remy was sick. He could tell by the look on Warren's face that he was equally worried at Remy's condition.

"Maybe you should lay down Gambit. It might just be sedatives in your system or something."

"Wings is right, just lay down and sleep it off. We're not going anywhere anytime soon..." Logan's worry peaked when Remy bent over in pain, hugging his chest. "Kid, what's wrong? Remy? Come on, talk to me!" He tried to pull Remy back up straight, only to get a muffled cry from the younger man.

Warren heard the painful cries and rushed over to Remy side. He had never seen him in pain. There were many times he saw Gambit injured, broken bones, cuts, scrapes, even a few bullets, and the Cajun never even complained. Now he was in agony, and they didn't even know what was wrong. He sat on the opposite side of Remy, in a state of frozen shock. Both he and Logan were confused on what to do. Warren rested his hand on Remy's back, when he got no outward signs of pain he began to rub his back and shoulders lightly, hoping it would help his teammate to relax. Suddenly he felt a violent tremor run through Remy's back and a scream of pain flew from his lips. "Logan, I think there is something wrong with his back."

"What?" Logan quickly pulled off the jacket from Remy's shoulders and gasped at the formation of the strange bones along Remy's spine and shoulders. "Christ, what did that bastard do to him."

Warren stood in shock, backing away from Remy. He had seen this before, and there was no way it was happening now, not to Remy. It's not possible. Warren continued to back away until he hit the far wall, sliding down his body jarred hitting the floor. It was like watching a play that the actors were reinacting his life, and he wanted to turn away from it. It was just too strange to see it from this point of view, seeing it happen to someone else.

Logan noticed the look of fear in Warren's eyes, hell he could smell it. He knew what was going on and he wasn't saying anything. Wings may have been able to ignore Remy, but he couldn't stand to hear him crying out in pain like this anymore, he needed to know how to stop it. "Warren, what's going on? If you know what's happenin' tell me! Did Sinister tell you what he did? Warren, answer me God damn it! He's in pain!"

Warren came to his senses when another choked wail came from Remy, who was doubled over on the floor. He never remembered it being this bad. It hurt, but not like this. He slowly began his way back over to Logan. The Canadian was right, if he could help, he had to. "I think he's growing..." He didn't get to finish his words before Remy released a yell that was inhuman. His back open with a grotesque sound of tearing flesh, bringing forth a set of wings that even Warren would have been jealous of if they weren't killing his teammate.

They both watched in horror as the wings were released from the prison of Remy's natural form, spreading out, the ends quivering momentarily, before hitting the floor with a dead thud, taking there host over with there weight. Neither man budged from the watching point as Remy lay lifeless on the floor. Too in shock to know what to do, too afraid to cause more harm then had already been done. Never in their worst nightmares would they imagine this happening.

Warren was sickened by the blood and wounds the wings caused, but for a moment he couldn't help to see the scene as an ornate piece of art that he would pay millions for it it were a painting. Remy's thin, pale, frame lay curled up on the floor, his new set of beautiful wings lay spread behind him, so similar to his own, yet so different. The beautiful feathers looked soft and lush like his own, but were the color of the darkest ebony, tipped with a crimson that could only be imitated by the richest red wine. It was like finding a newborn angel that had fallen to the earth before him, and his only thoughts were to possess it. He wondered if he ever looked like this, if he had ever caused such thoughts to fill someone's head. Warren was brought out of his musings when Logan's gruff voice filled the room.

"Warren! Snap out of it! You know more about this then I do, what the hell's goin' on?" Logan had torn most of his shirt away and now wiped away the blood that covered Remy's back. He had no idea what the hell to expect or how to help Remy. This was foreign to him. He knew Warren was going to be Remy's salvation on this one, and that scared him.

"I don't know what's going on! He just fucking manifest wings, how should I know how it happened?" Warren knelt down and shook his head. "There was never blood."

Logan looked at Warren in disbelief. "You're tellin' me ya sprouted those things and never bled from it?"

Warren shook his head again. "No, they just happened. I don't know how to explain it. It never hurt like that either. There was pain, but nothing like the suffering he just went through. He's not going to die from this is he?"

Logan was surprised at Warren's concern, that was the last thing he expected from him. Truth be told, he expected theatrics, he figured the winged mutant would come up with some reason for this to upset him and throw one of his rich boy tantrums. "I don't think he will, the healin' factor has taken care of the wounds, so he's isn't bleedin' out. It should take care of the shock too. We just have to watch him, make sure he doesn't get sick, or any other powers turn up."

Warren shuttered. "You honestly don't think he would have done anything else so you?"

Logan threw his arms in the air as he jumped up, heading towards the small sink in the corner. "Hell if I know! I didn't think Sinister would make the kid grow wings, but obviously he did that. He could have at least did something useful and gave him the ability to make one of those damn portals of his. Then at least we would have a way to get the hell out of here!" Logan knelt back down and wiped away more blood. At least his healing factor turned out to be a life saver. They just had to hope nothing else happened. "Shit! Let's just take this one step at a time, lets not worry about something else until it happens. Can I move him?"

"Why are you asking me? I'm not a doctor!"

"Damn it Warren. I'm not askin' ya as a doctor, I'm askin' ya because this has happened to you. When you first grew your wings, did it hurt to move?"

Warren shook his head. "I was sore, but I wasn't in pain, no."

"Good, that's all I wanted to know." Logan gently lifted Remy and pulled his head up onto his lap, covering him carefully with his jacket again, making sure not to touch the wings. He knew this was going to be bad for the kid. This may not have hurt Warren when he first manifested wings, but his body was prepared for it. He was meant to have wings, just like he was meant to have blond hair and blue eyes. Remy wasn't, he was sure if the roles were reversed Angel would be blowing up everything including himself at this point. He had to admit that was probably why Sinister picked on the Cajun. There was no way he could have safely put Remy's powers into either of them.

They both fell into relative silence, lost in thought and anger at the events that had occurred. Both wanting to help, but not sure how to do it. Warren watched helplessly as Logan stroked Remy's hair, he was sure it was just as soothing to the Canadian as it was to Remy. He was always a little jealous of the relationship between the two. Remy and Logan had one of those friendships that was never a hindrance, but always a comfort. They didn't have to worry about the other, never had to apologize, never had to watch what they said around each other. Sometimes you wondered if they even liked one another when they got into on of there 'butting heads' arguments. It was moments like this that you knew they were friends to the end. When one of them needed something or someone, they were there for each other, no matter what. He wished he had that still. He always had a friend in Bobby, but over the years it had been strained and it was lost somewhere along the line. He shook his head hoping it would stop his brooding. He hated being in situations like this, it gave him too much time to think.

He glanced back over to his teammates. Logan had his head leaned against the wall behind him, his eyes closed, looking asleep, if it were not for his hand still moving. Remy's head lay on Logan's thigh, his body curled up, pushing the black wings out into the middle of the floor. He couldn't help thinking how beautiful the wings were, and how things would be different now that Remy had wings too. He knew it would be awkward for him at first, but he would help him. That thought surprised him. He truly wanted to help Remy, and that was odd even to him. He had forgiven Remy for his part in the massacre, the majority of it anyway. He hadn't gone out of his way to be friends with him, actually even before the trial he hadn't, but he had at least tolerated him. Now he wished he would have tried a little harder, it would have made this situation a little easier.

"Stop your broodin'. You're thinkin' so much your givin' me a headache." Logan pushed his head off the wall to look at Warren. He had appreciated the silence for awhile, it gave him time to get his anger in check. Now the quietness of the room was getting annoying. Remy was still out, so he had no choice then to talk to Warren.

"Sorry Logan, not like there is much else I can do here." Warren stood up and walked over to the other side of the cell, taking a new seat closer to his teammates. "So how's he doing?"

Logan sighed. "He's still out cold. Even a healing factor would need time to catch up with this. I think once we get him home and get these blasted thing off of him, he'll be alright."

Warren gasped. "You can't be serious! You can't just go and cut off his wings! I'm not going to let Hank remove them, not unless Gambit says he wants it done! He hasn't even had time to heal yet and you want to cut them off already!"

"Warren listen, I know this is a sore spot with ya bub, but these ain't his wings. He wasn't meant to have them. Think about it, his body isn't even built for them. These flamin' wings probably weigh more then he does! If he stood up right now they would rip his spine out most likely. They have to go."

"I just don't want the same mistake made twice." Warren whispered as he dropped his face into his hands.

"I'm sure Hank isn't going to go choppin' em off without askin' Gumbo for permission first, he ain't Hodge. But, I'm sure that would be Remy's decision. I can already hear him, he's going to pull one of his self-pity acts and say he doesn't deserve them. I know him too well to even think he might keep them. That and they are still causing him a lot of pain, the healing factor doesn't do a lot for that."

Warren sighed. He knew Logan was right, but it was a shame. He hoped that maybe this would give him and Remy some kind of connection. Before he realized what he was doing he had reached out and touched the ends of the black feathers. "It's a shame they have to go, they're gorgeous."

Logan snorted. That was really one of the last things he expected from Warren's mouth. The younger mutant was full of surprises today. "That's says a lot coming from a guy that has his own set. I figured you would have made some jackass comment about them being black already."

Warren looked up from the wings that had grabbed his attention. "What?"

"Oh I don't know, I was waiting for a 'figures they're black, just like his heart' or 'he deserves demon wings', something like that. Basically I was waiting for ya to give me a reason to kick your ass." Logan gave Warren a toothy grin.

"Really, neither of those thoughts crossed my mind. We may not be the best of friends or anything, but I'm not going to say something that low."

Logan raised his eyebrows and huffed. "I don't know, I've heard ya say some low things before. If Gumbo didn't always tell me to drop it, I would have kicked your ass around the block several times already."

"When did I ever say anything that deserved that?" Warren said defensively. He himself could think of several occasions that he said some things that were a little crude, but nothing that Remy ever showed he was offended or hurt by. That's why he did it half the time, just trying to get a rise out of him.

"I already told ya once it bothered Remy, a lot. He's not one to say or do anything. He just takes it and stores it away in this fucked up brain of his and uses it to blame himself later. You have to watch what ya say around him, he takes it to heart if ya mean it or not." Logan was glad to see the guilt form on Warren's face, it meant there was still hope.

"I didn't know it was really bothering him all that much. I just thought the reason he didn't fight back was because he was ignoring me..."

"And that made you play dirtier...yea, I know, I told him that, but Gumbo doesn't listen all that well. Looks like your about to be able to make it up to him. This is something he's gonna need a lot of help through, if he keeps the wings or not. You know more about this then anyone on the team, so ya need to help him."

Warren couldn't help but smile. "Sure, I can help him out, if he'll let me. Actually, can I make a suggestion? You say he's still in pain, if you lay him on his stomach it might help. It did for me when mine were infected."

Logan scowled. "You could have suggested that sooner ya know. Fine. Come here."

Warren moved over to Logan's side eager to help. "What do you need me to do?"

"Sit down." Logan pointed next to him.

"Sit down?" Warren repeated while complying. He wasn't sure how this was going to help, but he was willing to follow instructions.

"Well, ya got the sit down part right, maybe later we'll try rolling over. Now stretch your legs out. That's it." Logan knocked Warren's knees apart and threw his jacket over Warrens lap. He ignored the younger man's questions and protest, as long as he was obeying he didn't care. "Now sit still, I'm going to move Gumbo, and I don't want ya hurting him." Logan moved Remy over gently, laying him on his stomach atop the jacket between Warren's legs, propping his head up on to the winged mutant's thigh. He laid Remy's arms on either side of Angel's legs and let the wings spread naturally across his back onto the floor. He chuckled as Warren attempted to argue with him without moving. At least he was making attempts not to hurt the Cajun, that was a start.

"What the hell are you doing? I said I would help, not become his bed!" Warren didn't know what to make of the situation. He felt uncomfortable and a little embarrassed to have Remy sprawled across his legs like this. If this was Logan's idea of a joke he didn't find it funny. He couldn't move in fear of harming that man resting on him, but he didn't like the position he was in.

"Relax Wings. Your idea of laying him on his stomach is all fine and dandy, but I'm not havin' him come down with pneumonia from laying on a cold metal floor. The healing factor is taxed enough, and he's had it recently, so it's not going to be all that hard for him to get it again. This way your keepin' him warm." Logan smiled. He thought it was a good idea anyway. He could tell that Warren was uncomfortable with Remy being so close, his hands still up in the air, actually afraid to touch him. He saw a slight blush fall across the winged mutants cheeks and realized he wasn't afraid to touch him, he was embarrassed because he wanted to. It put a few things into perspective for him. He always knew there was a reason Wings fought with Gumbo so much, now he was pretty sure why.

"May I ask why we didn't we just move him onto you?"

Logan's grin widened. "Cause I need to piss!"

Warren sighed in defeat. At least it wasn't a joke, there was a logical reason for it. He could be uncomfortable for awhile if it helped Remy. He pushed away all his uneasy thoughts, telling himself this was just like Bobby helping him when his wings were broken. No big deal. Friend helping friend. He finally realized he still had his hands in the air and slowly dropped them, flinching when his hand brushed Remy's arm accidentally. He mentally chided himself for acting like an idiot. It wasn't like he was going to die if he touched Gambit.

He heard a quiet yelp escape Remy's lips and he became instantly worried. He hoped his idea of moving him wasn't causing Remy more pain. He remembered when his wings had become dead weight on his back, after infection set in, it hurt a lot then. He wondered if that was the problem Remy was having. Back then Bobby had helped him, giving him back rubs and helping him sleep, maybe it would help Remy too.

He reached his hand out tentatively, slowly resting it on Remy's bare back. When there were no signs of pain he began gently rubbing up and down his spine, sure not to put too much pressure on the younger man's back, or touching the wings. It felt odd to be touching Remy like this, it felt too intimate. He almost stopped until he felt the tense muscles in Remy's back soften and the spasms lessen. He was happy he was able to do something right, and continued his ministrations.

Warren continued rubbing Remy's back, sometimes stopping to massage the soreness from his neck. After awhile he looked up to see Logan staring at him with a smile. He hadn't noticed that Logan had taken a seat in front of them on the other end of the cell, watching them from afar. He was too caught up in keeping the pain from attacking Remy again. "What are you smiling at?"

"Nothin'. It's just a little odd, I guess. Never thought I would see one angel, let alone two of them. Especially never thought I would see one givin' the other a back rub."

Warren snorted. He was about to counter his friend's comment when he felt something strange against his leg. He realized it was the thigh Remy's head was laying against. He stopped rubbing the younger mutants back and raised his hands in the air again, afraid to touch him. "Logan, I think something's wrong."

Logan quickly jumped up and ran to his teammates side. "What did he do?"

"I think he growled." Warren stuttered out in alarm. The last thing he wanted was Remy going feral in his lap.

Logan was concerned for a moment, he had hoped that somehow Sinister had managed to remove that trait from his genes before melding them into Remy. He then realized that the kid was dead asleep, he had never gone feral in his sleep, why would the Cajun. He smiled when he finally realized what the problem was. "Keep doin' what you were doin'." Logan chuckled while taking a seat next to Warren, careful to avoid the outstretched wing.

"Are you crazy, I don't want him biting my leg off!" Warren was tempted to stand up and get as far away as he could, not stay where he was and give an animal a back rub.

"He's not growlin', and he's not goin' feral. Ya just stumbled onto one of the Cajun's little secrets. Just rub his back, he obviously liked it." Logan grabbed Warren's hand and pulled it gently down onto Remy's back again.

Warren gritted his teeth as he moved his trembling hand down Remy's back. On the rise up he felt the vibration against his leg again and shook his head. "Logan, he's growling again."

Logan laughed as he gently felt the side of Remy's neck. "He ain't growlin' Worthington, he's purrin'. I told ya he liked it."

"He's what?" Warren squeaked.

"Purrin', ya know, like a cat. It something he does sometimes. Hank always said he was more like a cat then human. His bones, muscles, that agility of his, he can even see in the dark. Guess this is just part of the package deal." Logan shrugged.

Warren looked down at the man wedged between his legs and couldn't help but laugh at the fact that he had Remy laying on his lap purring. This gave a whole new meaning to lap cat in his book. No one would even believe this if he told them. "This is just plain weird."

"Oh, and having wings, or turning into ice, or being covered in blue fur is normal? Being weird is what makes us mutants, kid. I growl, Gumbo purrs, whats the big deal."

Warren shrugged and smiled. "I don't know, imagining LeBeau purring is just funny, I guess." Warren sat for a minute, listening to the low rumble that had gotten louder know that the massage had begun again. He closed his eyes and was lost in the sensation of Remy purring against him, content in the thought that it was him making Remy do it. He suddenly began wondering what else made the Cajun purr like this. His eyes flashed open in shock, he couldn't believe that he even thought like that, about another man, about Lebeau, it wasn't like him. He was glad that Logan had moved back to his set across the cell and was busy watching out the forcefield. He would have never heard the end of it if he caught on about the momentary trip into the gutter. He suddenly became very curious on how Logan knew about Remy's little sign of contentment. He couldn't imagine Logan ever giving Remy a back rub, he almost laughed at that thought. "Hey Logan, how did you ever find out that he did this?"

Logan sighed sadly, he was hoping Warren wasn't going to ask. He was stuck between blowing Wings off or telling him in hopes that it might help him understand Remy a little more. He knew if he could just get them to stop bickering so much, they would be good for each other, if not more. He decided to tell him, if anything for conversation. This silence was driving him nuts. "Remy has these nightmares..."

Warren raised an eyebrow. "Nightmares? Nightmares make him purr?"

Logan growled in frustration. "No, if ya let me finish the damn story you would understand. Nevermind, I shouldn't be tellin' ya anyway."

"No, I'm sorry Logan. Tell me, I'll shut up." Warren promised. Logan gave him a look that said he wasn't getting the story out of him, so he decided to play dirty. "Come on, you told me I would like Gambit if I just took the time to learn about him, so teach me."

Logan kept his eyes to the empty hall outside, but told Warren the story. He hoped Remy wouldn't be angry about it later. "He has nightmares, really bad ones, they put mine to shame. I have the room across from him so I hear him scream..."

Warren's eyebrows furrowed. "He screams?"

Logan turned his head against the wall and gave Warren an angry sneer. He forgave him for breaking his promise and continued. "Yea, and if ya don't wake him up he'll keep doing it too, surprised he hasn't woke the whole mansion, even with soundproof rooms. I tried to ignore it when he first took the room, but I went in to wake him one morning and found him curled up in the corner. He was stuck so deep in the memories that it took me twenty minutes to pull him back to reality. After that I decided to wake him up when I heard him, so he wouldn't do something stupid in his sleep. I found out that wasn't too easy either..."

"Does he fight back...sorry, I'll shut up." Warren mimicked zipping his mouth shut, something he had picked up from Bobby.

Logan shook his head. He could never remembering getting a whole story out without someone interrupting, at least since he moved into the mansion. "No, he's not all that rational, but he doesn't fight. The first time I woke him up, and he figured out I wasn't there to hurt him, he grabbed on to me and wouldn't let me leave. I ended up sleepin' in his bed the majority of the night. It usually happens anytime I wake him up from one of his bad dreams, same with Ororo, I think Bobby has even got suckered into stayin' once or twice." He noticed Warren's mouth open and pointed his finger in warning. "Anyway, one night he had a really bad one. He fell asleep on my shoulder and I was rubbin' his back, like what your doing now, and he started to purr." Logan smiled at the memory. "Scared the shit out of me. I woke him up and almost dragged him down to the lab. He told me he had been doin' it since he was a kid, he can normally control it when he's awake, but not when he's asleep. That's how I found out."

Warren looked down at his charge. He suddenly felt a little more guilty about treating Remy like dirt all the time. He had his share of nightmares, and those memories were traumatic, but they never caused him dreams like what Logan just described. He couldn't imagine what could cause night terrors like that, he wasn't sure he wanted to know. "I never realized he had nightmares like that. You would have thought someone, other then you and Ororo, would have noticed by now. Well, and Bobby, he never told me he woke Remy from any nightmares. Do you know what there about?"

Logan shrugged. He had a good idea, but he wasn't about to tell Warren now. Maybe later when he knew Wings wasn't going to turn on Gambit the second they returned home, it wasn't something he needed as ammunition. "Depends on the night really. He doesn't talk about them much, usually lies and say he doesn't remember."

"That can't be healthy. If they effect him so badly he probably needs therapy or something. He should talk to the Professor, or Hank or someone."

Logan snorted. "Gumbo ain't gonna talk to a shrink. I know he won't talk to the Professor, he doesn't trust anyone in the mansion with the ability to get into his head. I don't blame him for that one, your girlfriend really pissed him off when she broke in without an invitation."

"She isn't my girlfriend anymore." Warren whispered sadly.

Logan raised his eyebrow. "Really? This time for sure, or is this another one of those off again, on again, things?"

Warren sighed and rested his head against the wall behind him. "Not sure really, I think it's over for good. She's so different now, she almost scares me. Ever since the Crimson Dawn she has been more secretive and so cold, like all her emotions have been wiped away." Warren sighed. "I don't know, I think it's time to just move on."

"I'm sorry kid, if I knew it was gonna do that to her, I would have never suggested..."

"No, Logan, she would be dead now if it weren't for it. She deserves to live, but I don't have to be with her. I still love her, but we have just grown apart. Hell, I may just be using it as an excuse, it may not even be the Crimson Dawn. All I know for sure is that were not together now, and it's going to take a lot more then an apology to get back together." Warren suddenly heard a loud clank and watched Logan jump up claws extended. "What was that?"

"The door. Someone's coming." Logan moved to stand in front of his two teammates. He was their only hope, there was no way Remy was moving and Warren was trapped under him right now, not that he would be much help in such a small area. He growled as a warning when the Marauder came into view. He had played nice before, he wasn't about to now.

"Now now Wolverine, I've only come to make sure you haven't killed...Holy Fuck! Hey! Get Sinister, the punk's gone through some changes."

Logan heard the yells of Harpoon, as he ran down the hall, and cursed. He knew Sinister would come down here and possibly take Remy back to the lab. He couldn't let that happen. He looked over and saw the same worry and rage across Warren's face. "Listen, you can't move when he comes down here, you'll hurt Gumbo."

"We can't just let him take him without a fight! Look what's he done to him already!"

"I know, but we may not have a choice. Just don't move unless you have to, you won't be much help in this small space anyway. Just don't hurt him!"

Warren opened his mouth to argue, but stopped by the sound of the large door opening again. He leaned over Remy, covering him as much as he could in the position he was in. An angry shudder went through him when Harpoon and Scalphunter walked up to the shield. He watched helplessly as the forcefield went down and Logan made his move only to be shot with numerous darts. He wanted to get up, wanted to fight, but he couldn't take the chance in hurting the man below him. His rage almost overpowered his sense of protectiveness when Harpoon walked over, stopping only feet from him.

"Well, looky here. Not only did you grow back your wings, the punk here has himself a pair. Maybe Sinister'll let me have some fun and I can pin both of ya to the wall." Harpoon kicked Remy's outstretched wing, satisfied with the painful yelp he got from the Cajun and curses he recieved from Angel.

"Stand down Harpoon, you will be doing no such thing. Not until I have finished with them. Scalphunter, tranquilize him." Sinister pointed at Warren and Scalphunter obeyed. Shooting a single dart into Warren's shoulder.

Warren felt the poisons take effect almost instantly. His body went numb, and breathing was becoming a problem. He still held onto Remy the best he could, he couldn't let him be hurt again, not if he could stop it.

"Good, now keep your eye on him, the drugs will not take long to filter out of his system. This shall not take long, but I do not want them to escape." Sinister pointed Scalphunter towards Logan and Harpoon to the door, just in case there was an escape attempt. He walked over to the winged pair. Even though Angel was hyperventilating, and he could tell the drug had all but paralyzed him, the winged mutant was still attempting to shelter Gambit. It almost amused him, if he could be amused. "What a stunning pair. I must say that this was unexpected." He looked over to Logan, who was still conscious but unable to move, giving him a knowing glance. "I must say your healing factor was easy to lace into LeBeau's system, for obvious reasons..." He turned back to the the pair before him, grabbing Angel by the hair and pulling him away from the one he came for. "Your wings were a little more difficult. I was not sure if they would manifest or just kill him. Now let us see if my experiment was a complete success, or a failure." He heard the choking pleas from Angel, who he had thrown aside, pulling Remy away from him.

"You bastard! Let him go, you've done enough!" Logan growled and attempted to pull himself off the floor, only to be hit with another dart, sending the paralyzing toxins through his system again. He cursed his helplessness as Sinister held Remy in the air by his neck, the weight of the wings pulling on the young man's spine and shoulders painfully.

Remy woke with a startled cry that quickly turned into a blood curdling wail. His whole back felt like it was on fire. He opened his eyes wide when he saw Sinister's face before him. He couldn't find the emotion to fear the monster that had hurt him so many times in his life, all he could think about was the pain that ripped through his body. The neverending stream of agony that threatened to take him back into the darkness, a darkness he invited, but was denied when Sinister shook him be his neck, demanding his attention.

"Move them!" Sinister demanded. "Move the wings, LeBeau."

"I can't." Remy managed to chock out between painful cries. "Please...I can't..."

"You were always such a failure LeBeau." Sinister angrily sighed as he dropped Remy to the floor. "Come, pack up the other experiments, kill the ones that are useless to me. We are moving to the other base. The probability of the other X-men finding this base are slight, but I will not take any chances."

"What about them." Scalphunter inquired as he backed away from Wolverine towards the door.

"Leave them. They will either starve to death or kill one another. LeBeau will not make it through the night, so he is useless to me now, the others are of no concern." Sinister walked out of the door, followed closely by Harpoon.

Scalphunter began to follow when the cries that filled the room finally played on the last of his emotions. He turned to see a young man he once considered his best friend, screaming in pain as he lay on broken wings he should have never had. He heard the crack of the bones as he fell hard on the wings and knew the pain had to be excruciating. He pounded the nearby wall, knowing what he was about to do would probably get him killed and recloned again, this time with even less humanity, but he couldn't just stand by and watch Remy suffer, not like this. Glancing over at Loganhe saw him nod weakly, a silent understanding that if he helped him, he wouldn't attempt to escape or attack.

He moved over to Remy, kneeling down to pull him off the wings. A ping of regret filled him when the boy cried out and flinched away from him. All trust between the two had been washed away by the blood of the massacre, he knew that, but the rejection still hurt. He lifted Remy gently and laid him on his stomach, hoping it would help relieve the pain. It was all he could do. Sinister yelled his name through the corridors and he rushed out the door, setting the shield back in place. He received a silent thank you from Logan before disappearing towards the door to his punishment.