Warren was ripped out of sleep by a breath he felt like he had been holding for hours. He shook his head to clear the grogginess he was feeling, then realized where he was, and what had happened. "LeBeau!" Warren turned when he heard Logan's voice behind him.

"He's over here Worthington. Are you okay?"

Warren quickly made it to the side of his teammates. He was instantly worried seeing Remy's condition. His pale body was trembling, and his left wing was slightly deformed from broken bones. Hearing the constant moans of pain, some turning into cries when sharper pangs ran through him,made him cringe. From the look on Logan's face he could tell that Remy was far from alright. "What's going on? Why isn't the healing factor working?"

"I don't know, it must have been temporary, or it's burned out. It didn't even get the bones healed up right before it wore down. He went into shock about four hours ago and he's startin' to get a pretty bad fever. We need to get him home to Hank."

"Easier said then done." Warren said as he took a seat against the wall. He noticed that Remy was trying to move his hands that were in Logan's tight grip as he moaned words he couldn't understand through the feverish slur. "Why are you holding him down?"

Logan sighed sadly, he hated doing this to him, but he didn't have a choice. "He's been tryin' to charge the wings for the last few hours. Before that, when he had a little rational thought left, he was beggin' me to cut them off. I don't think he can charge them, but he's not himself right now. I don't want him to accidentally charge somethin' else and blow us all sky high."

Warren's brow furrowed. "Is there anything I can do?"

Logan nodded his head tiredly. "Yea, can you handle him for a few hours? I need some sleep before he gets bad. If this fever gets any higher he's gonna start convulsin' and it's gonna take both of us to hold him."

"Sure." Warren sat close to Logan, taken the position he was forced into earlier without a moments thought.

Logan smiled slightly. He hated being in a place like this, couldn't stand seeing Remy in this much pain, but it was obviously doing wonders for Warren. He was putting his guard down, not worrying about anyone else seeing him have a change of heart. He slowly shifted Remy over to Warren, happy that he had lost consciousness, it made it easier on all of them. "Right now he is out again, but he will wake up soon and I don't know how rational he'll be. Usually right after he wakes he's pretty much all there, but the pain usually pulls his mind down with it, so watch his hands." Once he had Remy comfortable he laid down at Remy's feet, resting his large hand on his ankle. If Remy were to wake or go into convulsions, he would know.


Warren had sat for several hours in silence, the kind of quietness that can drive a person insane, especially in this situation. The only sounds he had were Logan's occasional snore and Remy's quiet breathing. The quiet breathing he was glad to hear, it was heaven compared to the cries of pain Remy had been filling the cell with earlier. Every time he heard the agony in his voice it tore at him. He knew the pain had to be bad if LeBeau was showing this much emotion.

It was a common trait amongst all the X-men, to hide away their emotions, living under the philosophy 'showing pain was showing weakness'. The Professor would probably scold all of them if it was said out loud, but that is how everyone was deep down. He knew Remy's belief in that rule was the most serious. He never showed pain, any emotion, nothing, just a blank face every time. Always the one that lacked any kind of human side, or so he thought, until now. Now he had seen Remy, without the masks, full of emotion, and the few things that Logan had told him, made him realize that he had only been seeing masks the past five years. He found himself wanting to know what else was behind those facades. Everything from Remy's middle name, to the story behind every scar across his body.

He had never been this curious about someone since Candy, and this time it seemed urgent to know all the answers. To know Remy in and out. Those thoughts confused him. How could he go from trying to avoid a person to wanting to never leave his side, in less then two days. He was defiantly going to have his head checked when he got home. He was brought out of his musings when Remy stirred in his lap. He brushed back Remy's hair lightly, like he had seen Logan do before, hoping to comfort him. Hearing a small murmur, he bent closer to Remy, still not able to recognize the words. "Did you say something?"

"Was it this bad for y'?" Remy quietly repeated. barely able to speak through the constant ache in his back and chest. He hoped Warren didn't make him repeat himself too much, he wasn't sure if he would be able to remember the question again. His thoughts were jumbled and hazy, thinking straight was becoming more of a strain. He remembered it being like this once before, only he wasn't this warm, he couldn't remember when though. Before his confused mind could pinpoint the time he was made to concentrate on Warren's words again.

"No, Remy, it was never this bad. I was flying on the wings by now. Like Logan said, you were never meant to have this done to you. Your body is reacting badly."

"What did y' call me?" Remy asked startled. He had only heard one word in what Warren said, his name. He had never heard Warren call him by his real name. Hardly anyone did really, but the name given to him had never passed Warren's lips. He didn't wait for the man to answer before he began to ramble through the fever. "Y' never call me Remy, y' always call me LeBeau, or Gambit, or Thief. I thought y' didn't know my name, or didn't care. Y' even call me whore, but I didn't like that one. I like Remy better."

Warren's stomach turned with guilt at the quiet ramblings of his sick teammate. He would never call anyone that, no one but Remy. He remembered saying it, more then once, but he never thought it was overheard. It was just just something he had said in conversation with Betsy. Never really meant it, but he said it anyway, because everyone expected it. He always felt pressured to be the one against the Cajun, and he played the part. Now it was coming back to haunt him. "I'm sorry, I never meant to call you that..."

"Save your breath Worthington, he's out again." Logan sat up and stretched, keeping his angry glare directed at Warren. He had woke when Remy did, but played opossum until he saw how Warren handled the situation, just for curiosity. What he heard he didn't like, at all.

Warren looked at the floor, ashamed that Logan obviously heard what Remy had said. "Logan, I'm sorry..."

"It's not me you should apologize to, it's Remy. I wasn't there to hear you call him that, or you wouldn't be here now. I better never hear you say it again, or anythin' like it. If I do, I don't care what Gumbo says, you won't have the chance to call anyone that again." Logan kept up his angry stare until Warren broke eye contact, looking at the floor again.

"Logan, I really am sorry, and I would never call him that again, I promise. It was just something stupid I said, and I regret it." He stopped when claws fell inches from his face.

"Damn straight you regret it, and you should!" Logan pulled back his claws and shook his head as he took a seat next to Warren. He reached a hand out, feeling Remy's head. The heat coming from his skin made him curse. He knew they were losing the battle, Remy wouldn't make it much longer. "Hand him over."

"Logan! I said I was sorry, I'll make it up to him I promise." Warren wrapped his arm around Remy's shoulders, he wasn't going to let Logan take Remy away just because of something he said.

"Damn it, kid, I'm not takin' him because I'm mad at ya. His fever is bad, he's gettin' weak, and I have better senses then you do. I'll know if he's in danger before you. Plus you look tired, those drugs are still runnin' through your system, get some sleep. I'll wake ya if anythin' happens, I will most likely need ya."

Warren reluctantly helped shift Remy over to Logan's lap. He felt the urge to pull him back, to not let him go, but he had to admit he was still a little groggy. He was worried about the Cajun, he didn't want to sleep just in case he needed him, but he would be no good to him half asleep. He decided to take the same position that Logan had earlier, laying his hand on Remy's ankle, then at lease he would wake up if something bad happened.

He slowly drifted off to the sound of Logan's voice, calmly coaxing the Cajun to hang on, that help was on it's way, that everything would be fine. In his state of half asleep he realized the reason why Logan wanted him to rest, it gave the Canadian a chance to let go of his emotions. Something that he would never do in front of anyone, no matter how worried he was for Remy. He decided to give Logan his privacy and fell to sleep.


Warren woke when he felt something jerk next to him. His first thought was someone was trying to wake him for a Danger Room session, or another mission, then he realized where he was. The jerking was Remy's leg under his hand. That realization cleared his mind instantly. He wanted to ask a million questions, starting with 'how is he?', but the scene before him stopped all speech. He didn't have to ask, it was obvious by Remy's condition. He was deathly pale, his body never still, aways jerking or shaking. The only thing more shocking then Remy's condition, was Logan. He could tell the older man had been crying, and he was doing nothing to hide his emotions. He had Remy cradled carefully in his arms, holding him tightly to his chest in attempts to stop the tremors running through the young man's body. When Logan finally looked up at him he could see the pain in his eyes. He never knew the relationship between the two ran this deep.

"He's having seizures, there pretty constant now. It won't be long before...maybe it's best, if...I don't know, he's in pain, and I promised ...I just..." Logan closed his eyes and cursed himself mentally for not even being able to make a complete sentence. He didn't want to watch another person die in his arms, especially not one that meant this much to him. The one person he had so many things to tell. So many things left unsaid.

Warren was stunned at Logan's rambling, he had never seen the Canadian lose it like this before. He wasn't sure how to react. The thought of losing Remy was gut wrenching, but watching it hurt Logan this badly was equally bad and so out of character. He hoped the X-men were on their way, he realized losing one teammate may mean losing another. He slowly shifted to sit next to Logan against the wall, reaching his hand out to pet Remy's hair. "What did you promise him?" He hoped conversation would take Logan's mind away from the situation for awhile.

"I promised him that I wouldn't let him die in pain like this. He never wanted to go like this again. He made me promise after he returned from the ice. We were drunk, and I never thought I would have to really keep it. He suffered a lot in the snow, freezin' to death and all. Now he's sufferin' again, but I can do something about it this time..."

Warren gasped when he realized what Logan was suggesting, he couldn't believe it even crossed his mind. "Are you insane? I'm not going to let you kill him!"

"Damn it Wings, he's in pain, you can see that. He doesn't have more then a few hours left, and there's nothin' I can do, or you can do. Isn't it better to give him a few hours of peace then make him suffer through it? It's the least I can fuckin' do!"

"What are you going to do when you kill him and twenty minutes later the team walks through that door?" Warren said while pointing out the shielded exit to the hallway. "You are going to feel really damn guilty for killing Remy when he could have been saved! I won't let you take that chance, you are not killing him! I won't let you!"

Logan dropped his head, starring onto the pale face of his teammate, his friend, the one person that meant so much more, but would never know. Warren was right if there was a chance to save the younger man in his arms he wouldn't be able to kill him, even if he really wanted to. He closed his eyes and tears, that he rarely let loose, fell. "I won't kill him, I can't, I just don't want to do this. I can't watch another one die like this. Just because some bastard thinks he has the right to play God."

Warren anger was washed away by Logan's whispers. He didn't fully understand what Logan was talking about, but he knew that the older man was all talk, he would never be able to kill Remy, even if there was no chance of saving him. "I can take him if you want. It may be a little easier. I know you can sense his pain, maybe if you got away from it for a few minutes." He smiled sadly as Logan began to shift Remy over to him.

He instantly became worried when Logan's eyes went wide. The Canadian pulled the younger man up from his lap, and not so gently, placed him on his back on the floor. Logan lifted his hand in the air, ready to strike Remy, and a cold fear ripped through him. Logan was going to follow through with his promise! He leaped up, and with speed he didn't even realize he had, grabbed Logan's arm before he could strike the blow. "Logan! What the fuck are you doing? You said you wouldn't do this!"

Logan pushed Warren away from him with a growl, shoving the winged mutant into the wall he once sat against. "I'm not killin' him you idiot, his heart stopped!" He continued to push on Remy's chest trying to bring his back. "Get your ass over here and help him breathe!"

Warren ran over, kneeling next to Remy. He hesitated for a moment, more confused at the situation then anything. He knew CPR, he just never had the chance to really use it. "Uh..Logan..."

"Damn it Worthington, now is not the time to be shy! He's dyin'!" Logan let up on his heart compressions to allow Warren to push air into his lungs. They quickly set a rhythm which seemed to continue for days, not minutes. Logan stopped again and put a hand on Warren's chest to stop him. Placing his fingers of Remy's pulse he smiled while tears ran down his face. "It's goin' again, not strong, but he's still here."

Warren smiled back, relieved that there was still hope. He rubbed his hands over his face, realizing that he had been crying too. He wiped away the tears from his face as they both took a moment to calm down. "Do you think we should move him off his back?"

Logan shook his head as he felt Remy's pulse again. "No, his heart isn't that strong, I have a feelin' that this is gonna have to be done again unless..."

Both Logan and Warren laughed when they heard the large door at the end of the hall open again and the corridor fill with the voice of their leader, Scott. "Down here!" they yelled in unison.

Scott hurried to the cell, followed quickly by Bobby. He blasted the control panel, instantly defusing the shield, allowing both of them to enter. Scott stopped in his tracks at the door in shock, he thought at first his eyes were playing tricks on him, until he heard Bobby gasp behind him. Bobby pushed past Scott and raced to his teammates side, dropping to his knees next to Remy.

"Oh my God, is he alright?" Bobby asked while melting away his ice form, he didn't want to make Remy any colder then he looked.

"No, he's not alright. His heart has stopped once already, we need to get him to Blue. Is Jean with ya?" Logan growled in frustration when neither man answered him. He turned to Scott, knowing he had faster contact with Jean through his mental link. "Cyke! Snap out of it! Is Jean with ya?" He saw the small nod from the leader. "Get her down here, she needs to float him out, we can't take the chance of movin' him."

Scott shook his head, bringing himself back to the present. He contacted Jean, who was still stationed in the Blackbird, telling her about the situation, or what he knew of it. "She is on her way. We need to move out as soon as we can, there was nothing in the lab, but a dead body. I'm not sure how long that will last though."

"They're gone. They left about 12 hours ago. Said they didn't want to take any chances on you finding them. Who was the dead body?" Angel asked in concern.

"Scalphunter." Logan answered, surprising Warren.

Warren looked at Scott, who nodded, confirming the quick answer. He turned back to Logan questioningly. "How did you know?"

"Scalphunter helped Remy after Sinister attacked him. He knew the consequences. They may be clones, but there was a little bit of the real man left in him." Logan gave Jean a sad smile as she rushed into the cell.

Jean raised her hand to her mouth when she saw Remy on the floor. She had seen it through Scott's mind, but it was nothing like seeing it with her own eyes. She could tell by the paleness and Logan's fearful eyes that time was of the essence. "Warren, Logan, are you both alright to move?" She sat a plan in motion once she received a nod from both men. She could sense they were both very distraught over Remy's condition, but physically alright. "I need two of you in front of me and two in back, just in case of attack. I need to be able to concentrate, I don't want to be surprised. If I drop Remy he may not survive the fall."

She gentle floated Remy from the floor, hovering him in place until the men around her took position. Scott and Logan slowly took the lead, Bobby and Warren lacking behind as she moved from the cell. She sensed his pain and pulled as much as she could away from him, something that was less difficult now that his shields were weak, like his body. She hoped they weren't too late to reverse what Sinister had done.

Warren kept a quick pace, making sure not to fall behind Remy more then a few feet. If something were to happen he would make sure Remy didn't fall. He reached out and gently brushing back Remy's hair. Jean turned to look at him, feeling the change in field. He quickly apologized "I'm sorry Jean, I wasn't thinking."

"It's alright Warren, you are not hurting anything, just surprised me for a moment." There was obviously some changes in Warren during this short mission and capture. She could feel his worry and concern, something she was happy to see. She normally felt a fear and unease come from Warren when he was in the presence of Remy. Something she could never understand. The way Warren talked and acted towards the Cajun she always expected hate and mistrust, but that had never surfaced. She was happy to see he had stopped lying to himself.

Warren smiled back and petted Remy's hair again, feeling the lack of the tension that had been there before. "Are you doing something for his pain?"

Jean nodded. "Yes, I am pulling away as much as I can, which seems to be a lot. I cannot believe Sinister would do something like this. This is going to be very difficult on Remy."

"I'll be there for him." Warren whispered. He saw the surprise on Jean's face at the comment, but it was the truth. He wouldn't leave Remy's side. Not now. He had too many questions and so many things he was feeling that confused him. He glanced over his shoulder at his friend, Bobby, realizing that he was being very quiet. When he made eye contact with the younger man he received an angry glare in return. He wasn't sure what he had done wrong, but it was defiantly something he would ask about later, after they got the Cajun comfortable and stable.


"Oh! My Stars and Garters! Bring him over here." Hank stared in surprise as Jean lowered Remy onto the medical cart in front of him. "Lay him on his side and let the...wings, fall onto to cart behind him." He looked at Bobby, Warren, and Logan, who entered the small medical area behind Jean, they looked a little worse for wear, but not injured. That was a relief, at least he could concentrate on Remy. He looked from his teammates to the young man in front of him and back again, it was the first time that he had ever been so stunned that he didn't know exactly how to proceed. "Please, all of you, with the exception of Jean, leave the medical area. I need space to follow through with my exam." He looked up and saw that none of the men had budged. "Please, leave." He commanded again, only to receive a shake of Bobby's and Warren's head, followed by a verbal refusal from Logan. "I cannot perform my duties as a doctor if I have a trio of distressed individuals hovering over me and my patient. It is difficult enough for me to work in such small quarters with a nurse."

Jean rolled her eyes at being called his nurse and moved to push the three men from the room. "Come on, I know you are all worried, but wait in the front. I promise I will contact you the second something happens." She shook her head when all three men attempted to argue, each one with an excuse or reason to stay, none justifiable. After much protest and a little shoving, she managed to get the men out the door and to the seating area of the plane, shutting the door behind them. She made her way back to the med table after cursing the stubbornness of the opposite sex. Her worry returned as she saw the poor state Remy was in.

Hank saw the worry etched across his friend's face, and he had to say, he shared that emotion. Remy was very weak, and there was little he could do on the plane. "I am very limited in this medical bay, especially for injuries of this nature. I cannot believe that Sinister would do something so appalling. What would be his rationale of doing this?" Hank rubbed the bridge of his nose while waiting for readings on Remy's heart rhythms. He shook his head at the results. "His heart patterns are very erratic, we need to get him into the lab immediately, I fear he will seize if I am not able to do something about the shock soon."

Jean's worry doubled, she felt so helpless. All she could do is stand at the edge of the bed and stare at her teammate slowly die. She now knew why the others refused to leave. "Will he make it through this?" She asked, fearing the answer.

"If I get him to the laboratory in time, I believe he will recover, but I cannot make that a promise. I hate to say it, but I am very surprised he is alive now, the manifestation should have been enough to kill him. He must have been in a great deal of pain. I fear that this was very difficult for Logan to watch, due to past incidents."

Jean nodded. "He is very afraid right now, to the point that you don't have to be a mind reader to see it, which is very unlike Logan. Bobby and Warren are showing their concern as well, which is very surprising, especially from Warren."

"I noticed. I will need your help in handling Warren when we return home, I do not believe he will approve of what must be done."

Jean sighed sadly as she brushed a wing lightly. "They have to be removed?"

Hank's eyes widened in surprise. Of all people he expected Jean to understand what had to be done. "Of course, they are what is causing the shock. His body is rejecting them. If I do no proceed in removing what is the cause of the shock, it will only continue to eat away at his body and cause him more pain and eventually death. Personally, I am not ready to lose our Acadian friend. They are not something he will learn to use, they are literally dead weight. I don't think Warren will understand that, not at first."

"I understand why it has to be done, it's just hard to put into perspective, I guess. I have known Warren since childhood, the thought of just removing his wings is...was hard to imagine. I know Remy wasn't meant to have them, but it seems odd just to say they have to be removed, just like that." She mindlessly continued brushing the edge of the wings, lost in there beauty. She knew it sounded sadistic, but she would have to save a few of the feathers, they were stunning and defiantly one of a kind. She pulled herself from the wings, knowing she would stay there all day if she didn't. "Is there anything you need me for? I think it is best I check on Logan, make sure he is alright."

Hank checked the monitors and IV one last time and then shock his head. "No, I have done all I can do for now. I will need you when we land. I am afraid I must have life support ready and at hand in case his heart gives out. That is my main concern."

Jean nodded and took one last look at Remy before leaving the bay in search of Logan. In the doorway she stopped, bending over to pick up a small down feather that must have fallen from Warren or Logan on the way in. She fingered the soft plume, fascinated with the dark colors. She looked up and smiled at Warren and Bobby that sat starring at her. "Hank is watching him, he is alright for now, but he worries about his condition." She said while placing the feather in the pouch of her uniform. She looked around the seating area and up into the open cockpit, only seeing her husband. "Where is Logan?"

"I think he is hiding in the holding bay." Bobby answered quietly.

Jean sensed the tension in the room, but said nothing about it as she made her way to the back of the plane. She pushed through the extra equipment and storage box in the cargo area until she smelled the pungent scent of Logan's cigar. Seeing the coals glow in the dark she found him in the farthest corner. "Logan?"

"Not now Jeannie!" Logan warned before taking another puff from his cigar.

Jean sighed and took a seat on a cargo box. "Just because you are upset does not mean you have to distance yourself from everyone else. They are just as upset as you are."

Logan ignored Jean's line of conversation, he didn't want to talk about his feelings and pain or why he was feeling it. He didn't want anyone else to know his past and present problems, too many knew already. "How's the kid?"

"The 'kid'" Jean said mockingly. "Is alright for now. Hank is concerned about his heart seizing again. He thinks will have to remove the wings when we get home."

"Worthington ain't gonna like that. He's already thrown a fit about it in the cell when I mentioned it. It needs to happen though. I won't let the kid go through that much pain just because some rich snot wants a playmate that has wings like him."

"I may need your help if he attempts to argue with Hank. You know how easily he can be swayed. If he for one moment thinks he is doing the wrong thing he will change his mind."

"Ain't gonna happen, Red. I think I know how to get Warren to agree that the wings need to go, but I ain't gonna use it unless I have to." Logan rolled his eyes when he saw Jean put on that pout she always did when he said he was going to hurt someone or something. Before the lecture came he interrupted. "I'm not going to threaten him. I think Gumbo's growin' on Warren, once he understands he's in pain, and it's not going to stop, I think he'll back down."

"Alright, but will you please talk to Remy when he wakes, you need to stop holding all this in, you need to tell him..." Jean sighed when her husband's voice came over the intercom, announcing the landing. Logan quickly jumped up and ran past Jean so she wouldn't have a chance to finish the sentence. Jean followed out behind him, yet again cursing the stubbornness of men.


"Stop it all of you! Please! Just stay out here, as soon as Hank has Remy stable and knows exactly what is going on he will be out here I promise. Just sit!" Jean pointed at the seats by the door and sighed in relief as Warren and Bobby sat. She felt her headache get worse as she watched Logan walk away with a huff. This was worse then watching after three children. She looked at the two in the seats. "You two stay right there, do not go in that lab, you will only be hurting Remy that way. I am going after Logan."

She rushed after the stocky man, who had made it more then half way down the hall in his angry pace. The trip from the hanger to the medical lab was not a good one for anyone, and she knew it had to be the worse on Logan. Remy's breathing became shallow and another seizure hit him. She almost dropped him in the tremors wake, but managed to block out enough of the panic around her to keep him hovered. Once it passed they quickly got Remy in the med lab so Hank could stabilize him. Now it was Jean's job to keep everyone out and that was easier said then done. Logan was on the verge of losing it. Warren was pacing and yelling about how he should be in there, and Bobby was arguing with him, for reasons unknown to everyone. She was worried too, but she understood that they would just get in the way.

"Logan?" Jean called after her friend, she knew he was going to go hide himself away somewhere, and she had to stop him. She needed his help in handling Warren, she knew it was going to be a fight she could not win alone. More importantly she knew running away wasn't good for him or Remy. When he didn't stop she yelled again, this time in a way he couldn't ignore. ~Logan! Stop and talk to me please!~

Logan froze outside the elevator door with a growl. "Get out of my head, woman!"

Jean stopped a few feet behind him, placing her hands on her hips, making it quite aware that she wasn't afraid of his threats and attitude. "Just talk to me. I know what's bothering you, and there is an easy solution. Just tell him! How many more times are you going to let this happen?"

"He was never this close, Jeannie." Logan whispered.

"I have heard you say that three times in the last 5 years. When he was in the coma, after Antarctica, and now this. Each time he is closer to death's door, and though I never wish him dead, the next time could be it. You know in this line of work it could happen anytime. He could recover today only to be killed in the next mission. What are you going to do then? Run off into the woods and think about all the times you had to talk to him, to tell him?"

"I can't take that chance Jeannie, you know that. You know why! Just leave me alone. I'm just going out for a smoke, I need to get away from everyone for a few minutes. I'll be back to help you with Warren." Logan turned and walked away, disappearing into the elevator.

Jean sighed as the doors closed. She knew Logan's reasons, but she found it ridiculous that he used them as an excuse. She wasn't going to push it though, she wasn't suppose to know, and the fact that she did angered Logan. All she could do is let him go and handle the others until he returned. She turned only to be face to face with Bobby, who was storming towards the elevator.

Bobby pushed towards Jean and punched the button on the elevator several times before punching the wall. "God Damn elevator."

"Bobby what is going on? You have been angry since we landed at the lab. Did Warren say something to upset you?" Jean dropped her gentle hand on her friends shoulder, rubbing lightly for comfort.

"No, I just wish he would stop this 'I'll be there for Remy' crap! He doesn't even care about him!" Bobby threw his hands in the air and walked into the opening elevator. "It's nothing Jean, just forget it. Can you tell me what Hank says when he comes out? I don't want to sit here waiting, it will drive me crazy."

Jean nodded and watched the doors close again. She expected to turn around and see Warren behind her, but he was still at the end of the hall in his seat. She couldn't help but look at him leaned over and starring at the floor and see it as defeat. Bobby may not believe it but he was really worried about Remy, he did care. Something had changed in that lab, and she was grateful for it. She sat down next to him and rubbed his back until he sat up looking at her. "Looks like you are having problems with Bobby."

Warren shrugged. "I guess. I'm not even sure what I did, this time."

"Maybe you should talk to him when everything settles down. Right now everyone is not themselves. Even Logan is shook up about this."

Warren leaned back, leaning his head against the wall so he could stare at the cold metal ceiling. He realized it was not much different then the cold metal floor he had been looking at for the past five minutes. "He was more then shook up, I don't think I have ever seen him like that. It was the first time I have ever seen that man cry. I never knew their friendship ran that deep, I knew they were close, but not like that."

"There is a lot of history there, more then you know..."

"And more then he's ever gonna know." Logan said as he walked up the dark hallway towards the two.

"Logan, we were just discussing..."

"I know what you were discussing and I don't like it, so stop!" Logan yelled angrily. The last person he wanted knowing was Warren. He might as well tell Bobby or Scott, neither of them would keep a secret for more then a few seconds. Before the argument could escalate the lab door opened. All conversations stopped as they looked at a very weary Hank.

Hank looked around the room and prepared himself for the argument to come. He had done all he could to stabilize Remy, but nothing could be done until the problem was removed. He knew Warren was going to take it personally, and so would Logan, only on opposite sides of the coin. He hoped Jean was prepared in helping him on this one. "I had to place him on cardiopulmonary support, his body is too weak to support itself. He is suffering the later stages of shock, and I have done everything to my abilities with no signs of change. There is only one other procedure I can attempt, and I can almost guarantee results. If I remove the cause of the shock, it will help his body heal."

Warren stood from his seat, shaking his head. "No! You can't remove the wings without asking him permission first!"

Logan pushed Warren back down in his seat. "We already discussed this kid, it has to be done."

Warren pushed away Logan's hand and stood again. "You said Hank would ask first!" He turned to the doctor. He knew his friend, if he could just get him to question his choice he could sway him. "You have to get permission first! Isn't a law or something?"

Hank nodded reluctantly. "Yes, normally I would need the patient or their caregivers permission, but these circumstances are different Warren."

Warren smiled and shrugged. "Then wait for him to wake up, then ask him! It's that simple."

"It's not that simple Warren. The wings are causing infection. If I do not remove the cause, his condition will deteriorate. Long story short, he will never wake up."

Warren bit his lip. "Can't you just give him something for the shock?"

Logan rolled his eyes. The kid was going to argue for hours if they let him. He knew Remy didn't have that kind of time. He hated to do this, truthfully he didn't want to put himself through it, but if it got this over with quick it was worth it. He grabbed hold of Warren's arm and dragged him into the lab, ignoring Hank and Jean's protest. He kept pulling until they reached Remy's bed side. There he turned the young man around and grabbed his neck, forcing him to look at the pale form in front of him. He felt Warren cringe at the amount of tubes and IVs in Remy's body. The multiple beeps and chimes from varies machines declaring the unstable heartbeat and breathing from the young man that lay dying before them. Logan wanted to turn away, so he knew it would have it's effect on Warren. "Look at him! He's sick and dyin'. Do you think he likes this? Havin' tubes and IVs in him? This is what Sinister did to him, now you're forcin' him to die like this! All because you are bein' selfish! Is that what you want? Remy dead? Because I don't!"

"No, it's not what I want, but..." Warren whispered.

"No buts!" Logan looked up at Hank that had followed them into the room. "You want your permission? I have more say in this then anyone in this room. Take 'em off Blue." With that he dragged Warren back out into the hallway. The younger man may be angry with him, but at least it cleared Hank and Jean from his wrath.

When they came to the hallway Logan turned Warren around and threw him back into the seat against the far wall. He could see the anger in his eyes and the tears that left trails down his still dirty face. He realized that they hadn't even bothered to clean up since they got back, too worried about Remy. He took a seat next to Warren and starred at the closed lab door, knowing what was happening on the other side. He knew that Warren knew too, from experience. After several minutes of silence he finally decided to apologize. "I'm sorry I had to do that Worthington, but you have to understand that I can't let Remy die because of those wings."

"I know, I just don't want him to wake up and be upset that they are gone. We never gave him a chance." Warren closed his eyes when he heard the noise of equipment from the lab. He knew that sound, and he knew what it would do. "Oh God." he whispered. He fought back his nausea when the distinct sound of a medical saw hitting bone ripped through the corridor.

Logan stood from his seat, he was not about to sit here and listen to that. "Come on kid, I can't take that noise. Lets go get cleaned up and get somethin' to eat."

Warren stood but protested as Logan pulled him towards the elevator. "What if something happens?"

Logan shrugged. "Then we will hear about it in the kitchen instead of the hallway. Get movin'."