Logan's stomach grumbled loudly as he made his way to the kitchen. The hot shower felt wonderful, it helped with the tension in his muscles, but it had done nothing for his worry or his hunger. He planned on making something for him and Warren to eat and then he would go straight back down to the lab. Hopefully by then the majority of the surgery would be over, or at least the loud part of it. "Hey" he said surprisingly upon finding another person in the kitchen. He didn't expect to find Bobby of all people up at this hour. He noticed the half gallon of ice cream sitting in front of the young man, and knew there was trouble. "What's keepin' you up so late?"

"Same thing that's keeping you up, I'm assuming." Bobby muttered over a spoonful of Rocky Road. "Any word about what's going on?"

"Nope, he's in surgery right now. Hank had to go ahead and remove the wings. Of course, Warren had to argue about it first."

"Figures. I was wondering why he was hanging around Remy. Should have known it was because of the wings." Bobby ate the last of the ice cream and walked over to place the empty container in the trash. He took a new seat on the counter next to where Logan was making a sandwich. "So how did he end up with wings anyway?"

Logan shrugged. "Not sure the science of it, but Sinister managed to change his genes somehow. I think it was only temporary though. He had my healing factor in the beginnin' too, but it stopped workin' after awhile."

"That explains how he survived it in the first place, I guess. Sucks that Sinny did it to him though. Remy's nightmares are bad enough, I'm sure this will just add to it." Bobby looked across the room and sneered. "Well, I'll be going now, if something else happens let me know."

Logan noticed the quick change of mood and turned to find why. Warren had just entered the kitchen and stood watching as Bobby walked out the other door. He saw the hateful look shared between the two and shook his head. If they would just talk they would probably feel stupid about arguing, but he was not going to suggest it. He learned to stay out of personal arguments between X-men a long time ago. "What do you want on your sandwich?"

"What?" Warren looked at Logan and saw him point at the food laid out across the counter. "Oh, doesn't matter, I'm so hungry I would eat just about anything at this point."

"Pastrami and swiss it is then." Logan threw the sandwich he just made on a plate and pushed it across the counter to Warren. "So, what's up with you and Ice Cube?"

"Not sure, he has been pissed at me ever since they came to get us in the lab. I have no clue what I did, and he won't talk to me. He blew up at me earlier when I was talking about helping Remy, he's been avoiding me ever since."

"Maybe he's mad cause you finally figured out Remy ain't that bad a guy?" Logan smiled and took a bite from his new sandwich.

"I don't think that's it. Hell, he got pissed at me a few times for some of the idiotic things I said about Remy, so you would think he would be happier about me being nice. I just don't get why he cares about me being around him anyway."

Logan raised an eyebrow, he knew a few things about Bobby and Remy that obviously Warren wasn't aware of. He had thought that that was all behind both of them, but maybe Bobby was still holding on to the past. It seemed now that Warren was entering the picture it was pushing Bobby's buttons. He had to smile at that. Life was getting interesting in the mansion. He grabbed his sandwich and a beer and headed out of the kitchen. "Ya know, maybe he's jealous."

Warren choked on the bite of sandwich in his mouth before quickly grabbing his soda and following Logan to the elevator. He managed to jump in before the door closed, almost losing his drink and a few feathers in the process. "What the hell are you talking about, jealous?"

Logan shrugged and finished off his sandwich in one large bite. "Don't know, just an idea." The doors opened again and he staggered out, laughing to himself when Warren almost forgot to exit the elevator, obviously thinking over what was just said. His grin quickly faded when he heard the medlab doors open and Jean stepped out, twirling a single feather in her hand. He quickened his pace, fearing something had happened to Remy. "Is everythin' alright Jeannie?"

Jean looked up, slightly startled. She hadn't even noticed the two men walking up. The evening's events had caught up with her, Scott could have probably snuck up on her at this point. "Yes, for now. He is still very weak, but the surgery was a success. We had several close calls during it, but he came through in the end, he's a strong one. Hank is bandaging him up and getting him situated now. I was just coming up to get the two of you, guess you saved me a trip."

Logan sighed in relief. "So everything is gonna be ok?"

Jean took a deep breath, she didn't want to be the one to tell them. "Well, he isn't out of the woods yet. As I said, he is weak. Hank can explain better then I can. When he gets done settling Remy in he will be out to talk to you." She gave both men a sad smile, seeing that they were both distraught over the events. "Since the two of you are here now I am going to go upstairs and get some rest. It has been a very long day. I will be back in the morning." Before leaving Jean hugged Logan gently and whispered in his ear. "I'm sorry Logan. I know this is hard, but he's strong. Just hang in there."


Both men sat in stressful silence, both waiting for Hank to tell them what was going on. Soon after Jean had left Logan began pacing while Warren tapped his foot against the hard metal floor, both annoying the other. Logan patience died out first as he turned and growled under his breath. "Will ya stop that!"

"If you sit down! You are driving me nuts. You are like a caged animal waiting for dinner at the zoo." Warren sighed guiltily and dragged his hands through his hair. "I'm sorry Logan, I didn't mean that, this waiting is just driving me crazy. I just want to know everything is okay."

"It's alright kid, I'm not too happy about it either." Logan sat down in his chair and pulled out a cigar. He didn't care if it was against the rules. He needed one and he was not about to leave the hallway unless it was to go into that lab. He lit the end and and took a long drag just in time for the doors to open. "Damn it." he cursed and snubbed the cigar out on the bottom of his boot.

Hank glared at Logan when he saw the ashes fall onto the floor, which was once clean. "How many times have I told you not to smoke those fowl things in my lab?"

Logan grinned mischievously. "We're not in your lab, we're in the hall. That's about to change though, right? We can see him?"

Hank waved the two men in and was almost plowed over by them rushing into the medlab. He walked slowly behind the two men, too tired to hurry. He could hear the gasps and curses as they came to the bed and seeing Remy's condition. He knew they didn't expect him to still be so bad, but he was. He still needed help breathing and new injuries were created when healing the old. It would be awhile before their resident Cajun was back on his feet. When he reached the bed he could see the disappointment on both men's face and it almost made him feel guilty that he couldn't heal Remy instantly.

Logan looked up from the bed to Hank in disbelief. He expected to see Remy awake or at least looking better. "I thought this was suppose to help Blue, so why does he look worse off then he did before?"

"He may look that way, but he is actually recovering. It just takes time. His fever has gone down, so that is a great leap in the right direction, but the surgery was very stressful on his body. The bone structure of the wings were lodged between his ribcage and lungs, so I had to break six ribs to remove all of the alien bones. It also left his lungs badly bruised. I have him on strong antibiotics so the infection to the area has been halted, it just needs time to heal. Right now his system is just trying to catch up with everything."

Warren found that during the conversation he had reached down and grabbed the hand that lay on the bed next to him. He squeezed it in hopes of receiving some kind of reaction like they always do in the movies, but he got nothing. He felt his stomach turn, he had never been this worried before. The only thing he wanted was for Remy to be well, but he knew that was going to take time and most likely a great deal of pain. He hated the pain part. Remy had been through enough in his opinion. He remembered a time when he would have wished a world of hurt on Remy. Now that it had been done it angered him. He understood now why Logan wanted to fight with him everytime he said hateful things about the Cajun. He wished the older man would have knocked some sense into him earlier.

Hank picked up a clipboard from the edge of the bed and turned his full attention to Logan. He had noticed during the briefing that he had lost Warren's attention to Remy, so he told Logan all that was needed to know. "For now I want to keep him laying on his back. He is very weak and the probability of him seizing is still high. I may require to defibrillate him again."

"Again? What do ya mean again? I never saw ya shock the kid. Why didn't you call me?" Logan demanded. The comment had gotten Warren's attentions as well.

"Calm down Logan. We had to resuscitate him twice during surgery when his heart gave out, but he pulled through and we carried on with the procedure. We would have notified you if his condition worsened, you know that my friend. He was very lucky to have survived this long with such trauma and I only had to add to it in removing the wings. One's body can only take so much before needing a little help." Hank sighed when he saw the worry mirror on Logan's face. He knew this had to be hell to Logan, watching Remy suffer. To his surprise it seemed to be bothering Warren as well. "I know this all seems like a neverending nightmare, but I assure you that he is doing better. Tomorrow if he has stabilized I want to attempt removing the breathing tube. If he can handle breathing on his own I will move him onto his stomach, where he will be more comfortable."

Warren looked up at Hank, not attempting to hide his concern. "He's not in pain is he? Laying on broken ribs, that can't be good."

"At the moment I have a large dose of morphine and a sedative, so he is painfree. I do not expect him to wake for several days, between the trauma and the medication. I will keep him on a sedative until we are able to remove the tube and place him in a more comfortable position. We will have to watch him closely afterwards. I have him on morphine, but his body acts oddly towards drugs, it may not be enough on it's own. He will need to be under constant supervision for the next several weeks to make sure his needs are met."

Logan pulled a chair from the side and took a seat. "I've got that covered Blue. I'm not going anywhere until the kid is well enough to force me to leave."

Warren nodded in agreement. "That goes for me too."

Hank smiled. He knew Logan would want to stay at Remy's side, but he was a bit surprised at Warren, he was not about to question it though. He was glad to see his friend dropping his normal defenses he had towards the Cajun, too bad it took something like this for him to do it. "You are both welcome to stay, I am glad to see he will have company. I need to report to the Professor, he is eager to hear about Remy's condition. It also means I can catch a little shut eye, I could defiantly use it. If I am needed for anything, please press the alarm on the edge of the bed. It will alert me to return immediately."

Logan gave the doctor a thumbs up. "Got it Blue. He's in good hands."

Hank patted Logan on the shoulder and smiled at Warren. He knew Remy would be safe. "I know he is. Good night my friends, I will see you in the morning and hopefully not sooner." He made his way towards the door and then stopped in mid stride, turning to face the men again. "Oh, and Logan. Don't smoke in here. I wouldn't want you blowing Remy up. He is on oxygen." He heard Logan curse under his breath as he walked away. He could hear Warren laughing at the older man saying he would watch Remy as he smoked, outside. He would have done anything to stop this from happening to Remy and to Logan, but it seemed to have woken Warren up. At least something good had come of this, he hoped.


Jean tiredly shuffled into the medlab with a tray of breakfast leftovers. She had not slept long the night before, too consumed with worry. Seeing Remy seize not once, but twice, had not been a nice experience and it haunted her dreams. It was something she could have easily lived without. Warren was peacefully sleeping in the extra bed and it made her want to push him out and take the bed for herself, she was so tired. It surprised her to find him there in the first place, or in the mansion for that matter. Warren had been staying in an uptown apartment for several months now with Betsy. Ever since Remy came home to be more exact. It was ironic that it was the Cajun keeping him home now. Maybe he would decide to stay more permanently now that things had changed. She attempted a smile when Logan looked over his shoulder at her, she was sure it was a bad attempt, to tired for a good one. "How's he doing?"

"Same as last night. That for me?" Logan asked while pointing at the tray.

"Most of it, some is for Warren." She pulled off a plate with a bagel and some eggs, sitting it aside so there would be something left when Warren woke. "He seems to be getting attached to Remy."

"Yep, sure does." Logan quipped through a mouthful of eggs.

"Doesn't that worry you? Just a few months ago he was calling Remy names that I would never repeat myself. Now he is refusing to leave his side, and I don't think I have to tell you why. Your instincts are just as good as mine."

Logan sighed. He was a awfully worried, but he wasn't going to step in between the two men. He didn't want to see Remy hurt by Warren again, but what was he suppose to do about it. Warren had shown that he truly wanted to help Remy, so he had to at least give him a chance. "I'm watchin' him Jeannie. If I think he gonna turn on the boy I'll put a stop to it. I don't think he has a hidden agenda or anything. He's just growin' up."

Jean shrugged weakly. "Alright, you know best, I guess." She gently stroked back Remy's hair, carefully avoiding the tubes and IVs. "At least the fever has gone down. That's a good sign."

"Yea, Blue said he was gonna try removin' that damn tube this mornin'. Hopefully he'll be able to handle it. That'll be another step out of this damn lab."

"I consider my lab a very cozy environment, myself. I do not understand why you choose to hate it so much." Hank joked while stealing a slice of bacon from Logan's plate.

Logan growled in warning when Hank attempted stealing a piece of toast. "Go upstairs and get your own bub! You wonder why I don't like it in here. I can't smoke, can't eat, and I have to put up with a bouncin' mister know it all doctor. All that and it's a lab, I hate labs."

"I could quote something rather fitting, but I will keep the comment to myself since we are in the presence of people outside the circle." Hank raised his hands as a sign of defeat when Logan glared at him. "So how is our boy doing this morning? I assuming since you had no need to wake me in the night he slept well?"

"Not a peep. You gonna try getting that damn thing out of his throat?"

"Yes, I would like to attempt that this morning. If his breathing is satisfactory, we will move him to a more comfortable position. I will also reduce the sedative dosage so he will wake when he is ready. Before we attempt all of this I want to check his vitals and blood work. It will give me a better perspective on how well he has been doing. When the time comes I will need both you and Warren's help, so if you could wake him. I will go back and run his blood work, that will give Warren time to properly wake up and eat breakfast."

"Alright, if you do not need me, I am going to go upstairs. I told a few of the students I would practice with them today if I had the time. If you need anything call me and I will be down." Jean collected the plates and tray and headed back upstairs feeling everything was under control.

"And I'll wake sleeping beauty." Logan said while rolling his eyes and pointing to Warren behind him.

Hank laughed while collecting the blood and samples he needed. It was nice to see the friendly bantering return between the two men, even if one was oblivious to it. It was much better then the all out fighting the two had been doing lately. "I have everything I need. I will return in a moment."

Logan reached behind him and shook the young man not so gently. "Hey! Wake up!"

Warren shoot up out of the bed. His first concern was that something had happened to Remy. "What's wrong? Is he alright?"

"Yea, he's fine. I was told to wake ya up. You have time to eat breakfast before we move the kid." Logan said and pointed to the plate of eggs and bagels.

"I take that as a good sign. He's doing better?" Warren picked up the bagel and grimaced at the cold eggs.

"His fevers down, and Hank seems to think that removing the tube is gonna be alright, so yea, it's a step in the right direction. I just wish he would wake up. I hate seeing him sleep this much. Makes me think somethings wrong."

"Something is wrong! He has six broken ribs, bruised lungs, infected muscles and God knows what else. I think he deserves some sleep." Warren forked the cold eggs into the trash and sat the dishes aside continuing to nibble on the bagel.

"It is actually the sedative that is keeping him asleep gentlemen, so both of you can rest assure that he will soon wake, when I am ready for him to." Hank said as he walked back into the room from his lab reading a clipboard. "The tests show that he is healing quite nicely, better then expected actually. The antibiotics are keeping the infection at bay and his fever has lessened greatly. Shall we attempt to move him?"

Both men jumped from there seats, eager to help Remy. "What do you need us to do?" Warren asked for the both of them.

"Well, first we need to remove the breathing tube. We will go from there." Hank gently pulled away the medical tape and removed the tube that assaulted the young man throat. For several moments they stood in silence waiting to hear the first good breath. Hank became worried when the breathing was shallow and weak, it may have been too soon. He gently massaged Remy's chest, hoping to coax the lungs to relax and take breath properly. He smiled when the breathing picked up. "I think he is going to be fine. Let's give him a few minutes before we move him. One shock at a time."

Logan smiled in relief. "Now we just have to get the boy to wake up. He doesn't even know we're home yet."

Warren found himself snaking his fingers around Remy's hand again. It was becoming a habit, actually more of a ritual. Just once he wanted a reaction, but like before he didn't get one. Even with everyone telling him that Remy would be fine, he couldn't make himself believe it, not until he saw the Cajun up and around again. He still found it funny how just over a few days time Remy had become the center of his attention, when just weeks ago he tried to ignore him completely. He kept finding himself thinking back over things he had done and said in the past and realizing he was in the wrong most of the times. Overreacting, or letting his temper and misplaced feelings take control. He wondered if he would have taken the time to figure all this out sooner what their relationship would be like now. Many times he had fantasized that it was something a lot more then friendship, and that confused him even more. He had never thought about a man in that way, but Remy was different. The urge to have him close was almost overwhelming, he recognized that feeling. He had felt the same for Candy and Betsy in the beginning. He was falling, and he was falling hard and it scared him. Warren was brought back to reality when Logan slapped him on the back of the head. "Ow! What the hell was that for?"

Hank laughed. "I believe that was Logan's way of asking you to pay attention, my friend. We have been discussing moving Remy, but your mind was day dreaming."

"More like his mind was in the gutter." Logan growled under his breath.

Hank cleared his throat in an attempt not to laugh at the blush that fell across Warren's face. He continued with his instructions, hoping it would cure the awkward moment. "Now that we have your attention. Logan is going to move the IV around as we roll Remy over. I need you to move him towards me. Place one hand on his lower back, making sure to avoid the bandaged injuries. Place the other behind the knees. I will take care of his shoulders and arms."

Warren nodded in understanding and got into position while ducking under the IVs tubes and wires Logan was moving. He flinched slightly when he felt the rough ridges of scars across Remy's back. At first he thought he had harmed new injuries, but quickly remembered the strange scars he had seen in the cell before. He made sure he securely held Remy and gave Hank his okay by nodding. "I'm ready."

"On three. One...Two...Three." The men slowly and carefully did their part until Remy was successfully moved to lay on his stomach. Hank and Logan played with the IVs and pillows making sure the young man was comfortable, but Warren was lost in the new found scars. He had wondered about them before, but now that he was in better light he could see that the scars were not only oddly cut vertically into Remy's back, they had been deep as well. He couldn't help but wonder what could cause cuts like that. His curiosity got the best of him. "Hank, do you know what these are from?" he asked while gingerly touching the cuts.

Hank looked from the scars to Logan, sharing a concerned glance. "No Warren, I have no idea what they are from. If you will excuse me. Now that he is settled I have a few other test I would like to run."

Warren looked at Logan, seeing the truth in his eyes. Both men knew, but they weren't telling. "Hank is a horrible liar. If he didn't want to tell me he could have just said so. I was curious, since they are very odd and looks like they were very deep. They must have hurt him a great deal."

"He doesn't remember the injuries." Logan said absentmindedly while covering Remy with a thick blanket.

"Then you do know what caused them?" Warren questioned, trying to get Logan to open up to him. He truly wanted to know what could have hurt Remy so much. The fact that the Cajun didn't remember intrigued him more.

"Yea, I do, but I don't think you're ready to hear about it. I don't want you turnin' against Remy later. This is a sore spot with him. You could really fuck him up if you used the info as ammunition in your little war. I'm not about to let you get away with that shit anymore, especially with this info." Logan warned.

"Honestly Logan, I don't think I could do that anymore. I realize that I have been wrong about Remy all along. I know it sounds impossible for me to change in a few days, but I have. I've been thinking a lot about him lately, and I don't ever want to hurt him again." Warren understood if Logan didn't trust him enough to tell him about the scars. It was obviously something that effected Remy a great deal and the Cajun had felt the need to keep it from everyone up until now, so maybe it was better this way. They sat in silence on opposite sides of the bed, watching the still form before them. Warren still had his fingers wrapped around Remy's hand, waiting for the reaction he had waited so long for. He was surprised when Logan started talking again, filling the quiet room with noise again.

"The scars continue down his legs and hips, I'm surprised you haven't noticed them before. They came from injuries he got during the massacre." Logan paused, waiting for a reaction from Warren. He had mentioned the massacre on purpose, testing the younger man. It would tell him if he should continue or not. If he reacted like he expected, throwing a tantrum and blaming Remy for the unfortunate act, he would stop. What he got was very unexpected. No tantrum, no blame, just a look of regret and sympathy begging him to explain. Maybe the kid wasn't lying, he had changed. He decided to take the risk and tell him. Remy had never asked for it to be kept secret, so he wasn't breaking the kid's confidence, and the way Warren was getting close, it may be something he should know. He took a deep breath and continued, hoping he wasn't making a mistake.

"I guess I'll start at the beginning. A couple months after Remy showed up with 'Ro, Fury was over playing poker. Remy just happened to come strolling in the door and Nick recognized him, Remy didn't know who he was though. Nick explained later that his team was called in after the massacre to take care of the injured and the dead. He was the one that had found Remy, about a block up a side tunnel. Thought he was dead and was ready to tag him when the kid moved. Said it surprised the hell out of him. They rushed him to the SHIELD hospital were he was in surgery for twelve hours, sewing up his guts from where Creed tried to rip them out." Logan sighed angrily. "They also found out that he had been violated. After running test they found out it was Creed that did that too."

Warren's mouth dropped open in disbelief. "He was...raped by Creed? Thats what those scars are from?"

"From his claws. I never thought I could hate Vic more then I already did until I heard that. I knew he was one sick bastard, but never so much as to do something like that. The kid wasn't even conscious. He had lost so much blood from the first attack that he was pretty much dead by the time Creed got to him a second time. When they got him to the hospital and out of surgery he was in a coma for two months. For another four after that he was completely mental. Wouldn't talk, wouldn't eat, or sleep. Then one day Nick said he went to check on the kid and he was gone with no trace. So ya could understand why he was surprised to see Remy walk in the door. Hell, Nick didn't even know his name until I told him."

Warren sat in silence trying to process everything he had heard. If he knew the scars had a story like that he would have never asked, it only caused more questions and concerns to be created in his mind. Going over the story again he realized the knowledge that Logan had held the whole time. "Wait, if you knew about this, then you knew he was in the tunnels! Why the hell didn't you tell any of us?"

Logan shook his head, this is what he was waiting to see, Warren's temper. After everything he just said he was still concerned with blaming Remy for the massacre. "I knew he was there, but no one knew why, not even Nick. I had no way of knowin' the part he played. Truthfully, now that I do it doesn't change anything. He was played and he tried his best to change it, and got pretty fucked up in the attempt. To me that counts for somethin'."

Warren bowed his head in defeat. Logan was right. He should have seen it that way a long time ago. Instead he had blamed Remy for everything and he was hurt worse then anyone. If he would have just listened, maybe things would have been different. "Your right. I shouldn't have been blaming him. He didn't know what was going on, and he didn't kill anyone. He was just easy to blame because he was here, know what I mean?" Logan nodded. "Does he know what happened? Was he ever told?"

"I wasn't gonna tell him at first, but I kinda let it slip one night, so yea, he knows. It was when Creed was being kept here, the first time. I caught Remy in the cell fightin' with him and it scared the hell out of me. My temper flared, not believin' how stupid the kid could be, gettin' that close to someone that did somethin' like that. I had forgotten that he didn't even know. I pulled him out and started yellin' at him. I finally came to my senses and realized that Remy had no clue what I was talkin' about, so I had to tell him. He didn't believe me at first, but I think he did some searchin' and found his old medical records in the SHEILD files. He was pretty messed up for awhile after that, and I regretted tellin' him. It brought back old memories for him."

"It was probably for the best though. At least he knows now what Creed is capable of. He's prepared if he tries it again." Warren decided to leave out that he knew Remy had been working with Creed not long ago. He was sure it was something Logan didn't know. The only reason he knew was because of New Sun.

Logan growled under his breath. "Creed will never get the chance again. He even looks at Remy wrong and I'll kill him."

Warren remembered the fight before they were captured and knew Logan was speaking the truth. Logan had made sure he was between Sabretooth and Remy the whole fight. Logan had even gone feral when Creed attempted to go for the Cajun. "That is why you pushed Creed away from Remy in the fight and lost control?" He smiled in understanding when Logan nodded. Logan may try to hide that he cared for Remy, but if you read between the lines you could see that he cared a great deal. Warren felt a tinge of jealousy at that thought, but pushed it away. He was not going to look at the older man as competition. That would mean he would have to admit his feelings for Remy and also admit Logan had the same. Two emotions he was not ready to face.

"Well, if story time is over I'm gonna get some shut eye." Logan said while making his way to the empty medical bed behind Warren. He stopped and rested his hand on Warren's shoulder and squeezed it painfully. "You keep this to yourself ya hear me? I told you because I thought you should know, but no one else needs to know."

Warren hissed at the pain in his shoulder. "I understand Logan. I promise. Let go!"

"Good!" Logan jumped up on the bed and got comfortable. "If he starts wakin' me up tell me."

Warren rubbed his sore shoulder and glared at the man behind him. He understood the mistrust, but he could have done without the threats. He turned back in his seat and looked at Remy's sleeping form, thinking about what Logan had told him. He cursed himself for not knowing, for not seeing the signs, for not asking sooner. Everything Logan had told him made him hate himself more for what he had done to the Cajun. Then and there he vowed again to make it right. He curled his hand around Remy's and he felt a tear roll down his face when Remy's fingers reflexed around his weakly. "Everything's going to be fine Remy, I promise." he whispered while wiping the tear away.