Warren stood stunned. He knew the feral mutant had a temper, but this was a little more then a tantrum. He couldn't believe that Logan would just walk out on Remy like that. After all that happened in the lab. He was so busy starring at the now closed door, expecting it to open again, that he didn't catch the movement from the bed until it was almost too late. When he finally glanced over he saw Remy making his way out of bed. "Remy!" he yelled, a little harsher then planned stopping the Cajun before he made an attempt at standing again. "What do you think your doing? Lay back down!"

"Non. I need to talk to him!" Remy made another attempt, but found it impossible to budge Warren's grip in his condition. He closed his eyes to the tears his panic was bringing forth, he couldn't cry in front of Warren. He just wanted to talk to Logan! "Let me go Warren!"

"No! You already tried this once tonight, and it didn't work! Lay down!"

"Non! I have to talk to Logan! I can't let him leave like this!" Remy's panic began to bloom again as he thought of Logan getting further and further away. What if he left the mansion? What if he never talked to him again? He couldn't deal with that! He starred up into Warren's concerned and confused eyes with his own. "I need to talk to him Warren. You don't know what's at stake here, please. I can't have him hate me again. I can't..."

Warren let up on his grip when Remy's shoulders slumped and his head dropped. It was such a horrible display of defeat that it broke his heart and he didn't even know what was going on. He did know he couldn't let Remy talk to Logan, not right now. The older man was too angry and none of this was the Cajun's fault. "Let's give Logan some time to cool down, okay? He's angry and you know how he can be when he's mad."

"But what if he leaves? What if he never talks to me again? I can't let that happen." Remy jolted up again, lost in his panic he had created. Warren's weakened hold allowed him to brake through, finally getting to his feet. Again a surge of pain ripped through his back, duller then the first, but causing the same effect. His knees gave and he fell towards the floor, only this time he was caught in strong arms.

"Remy! Damn it!" Warren wrapped his arms around Remy, not loosening his grip until the Cajun was securely sitting on the bed again. He heard the hitch of tears the Cajun was trying to hold back and crumbled. This was his fault. He was being selfish keeping Logan away. He slowly dropped to his knees in front of the younger man, keeping his arms around his slim waist. He looked up onto the tear stained face with sympathy. "I'm sorry I am holding you back from going to him. This is all my fault, and I will fix it. I still don't want you going to him right now, he is angry and I don't want him yelling at you. Let him calm down and he will be back to your side, I promise."

"This isn't your fault Warren. What Logan did he had no right to do. I just can't loose him. I've worked so hard to get him to like me." Remy rubbed his eyes to wipe away new tears, ashamed of his breakdown in front of Warren. "I'm sorry, didn't mean to act like a baby."

Warren shook his head. He pulled Remy's hands away from his face, gently wiping away tears from his cheeks. "This doesn't make you a baby. It makes you human. You obviously care for Logan a great deal. I shouldn't have challenged him like that. I am in the wrong. I will go talk to him, make sure he understands you want him here. I'll fix this."

"Non! Don't go!" Remy rubbed at his temples, his head was pounding with confusion. Damn! What should he do! He raised his head to say something several times, but lost the words on his tongue. He couldn't tell Warren, he wouldn't understand. Would he?

Warren stood, slowly pulling away from the troubled young man. He stepped back to leave only to have Remy look at him with tearfilled eyes, begging him not to go. "I need to talk to Logan, so he will come back. It is obvious you need him here. I can tell you care for him a great deal, and I can't..." He stopped when Remy shook his head, silently stopping Warren.

"It's not like that. You don't understand."

Warren returned to his position in front of the man he loved. Again he felt like he was being selfish. Worrying so much about Remy's feelings towards everyone. Not bothering to ask the real problem before reacting. That needed to stop. "Make me understand." he whispered softly.

The Cajun looked deeply into his new friend's eyes, judging the older man's true intentions. All he found was love, and a longing to understand. He then remembered the third party in this and glanced over Warren's shoulder towards the window.

The winged mutant didn't have to turn to know what Remy was looking for. "Bobby's gone. I signaled him to go a while ago." As a gesture of love he brushed the Cajun's cheek with his hand, happy to feel Remy instinctly lean into the touch. "Tell me what is hurting you. I want to help you. Please."

Remy closed his eyes for a long moment, gathering his strength, then opened them again. "Y' have to promise me, y' won't tell anyone, especially Logan. He doesn't know that I know and no one else is suppose to know..."

Warren raised his hand, trying to fight back the smile that graced his face. "You have already lost me. Why don't you just start from the beginning."

Remy couldn't help but grin back. "I'm startin' to sound like Jubes, non?"

Warren laughed, glad to see a little tension flee from the Cajun's face. "A little."

Remy picked up on the laughter. He too was happy for the break in his black mood. It made him feel a little easier about telling Warren what he had to say. Before that he needed to know Warren understood that, no matter how confusing, what he said was serious. "Really, homme, y' can't tell anyone what I tell y'. I'm not even suppose to know."

Warren nodded. "I understand. I promise, I will not tell anyone."

Remy sighed. This felt relieved, he had known this secret for so long, and told no one. Who would have known it was going to be Warren to first hear it from his lips. "It started when I first came to the mansion with Stormy. When Henri returned I was like a new lab rat for him. He must have poked and prodded me for hours."

"That sounds like Hank." Warren smiled.

Remy nodded then continued. "At first he didn't believe me when I said I didn't know any of my relatives. After convincin' him, he asked if he could do a DNA test. He said something about me being an Alpha mutant..."

"Omega." Warren contradicted. He remembered the power Remy showed when they both worked under the New Sun. That was no Alpha class.

"Alpha now, and that's the way it stays. That's all anyone here needs to believe anyway." Remy paused until Warren reluctantly nodded. That was another conversation he decided and continued. "Something about if I was a higher class mutant that one of my family had to be a mutant too. I don't know the science behind it, but he checked his database for anyone related to me. When I came back the next day for the results he told me that his search came up with nothing."

Warren raised an eyebrow in confusion. What did this story have to do with Logan, and why was he suppose to keep something like that a secret? "So, he came up with no one, why is that important."

Another deep breath and he started again. Now he was getting into the sticky part. "Well, he was lyin'."

Warren quickly shook his head. Hank would never lie about something so important.

"Henri's not the best liar in the bunch, homme. I knew he was lying the whole time he was tellin' me that everythin' was negative. So, I hacked into the computer that night to find out the truth."

"You did what?"

"Just my records, no one else's!" Remy quickly defended himself. "I just needed to know the truth, and I knew askin' him for it wasn't gettin' me anywhere. I didn't want to be dyin' and not know or somethin' like that. When I opened the file there was a part of it locked out. Took me an hour to get the password right to get in it. I found out I was right, he was lyin' about finding a match in my family. He did find someone."

Warren cringed seeing the sadness creep across Remy's features again. He brushed through the Cajun's hair with his long fingers when those alien eyes shifted there sights to the floor. In the short silence he put together everything he was told. Closing his eyes when he finally realized what the big secret was. "Logan."

Remy nodded slowly. "He's my pere."

Warren's eyes widened as he flinched back slightly in shock. Pere? That means father! He expected a cousin, distant relative, uncle maybe, never father. "Your father? Are you sure?"

Remy nodded again. "Oui. When Henri found out he told Logan first. At least that's what the notes say. Logan didn't want me to find out. That's why Henri lied to me."

"There has to be more to it then that Remy. Jesus, your father!" Warren stood and turned, taking a seat next to Remy on the bed, his mind swimming. He couldn't have possibly kept this a secret this long! "How could you keep this to yourself all this time?"

Remy shrugged lightly, flinching at the small surge of pain in his back at the motion. "At first it did bother me, but I learned to deal with it. That's why I fought with him so much in the beginning. I looked for my parents for so long. Thought that I would find them and they would love me. That leaving me on the streets would have been a big mistake. I knew it was a long shot, but I always wished that. Instead I get a pere that doesn't even want to own up to it. I didn't take that to well. Didn't help that Jubilee was still around. He treated her like his own. I wonder everyday what made her worth picking up off the streets. What did she have that I didn't." The last came out in a hitch, tears threatening again. He felt a warm arm wrap around his shoulder, carefully pulling him towards an even warmer body. He didn't fight it. It let him know that he wasn't alone or rejected for his secret.

"Sounds to me like it still bothers you. This isn't something you can get over Remy. You found your father and you feel he rejected you. But, in Logan's defense, I think you are wrong. From what I see Logan cares more for you then anyone in this mansion. He treats you better then anyone else, and I saw him in that lab. When he thought you weren't going to make it, he cried." Warren felt Remy pull away and finally their eyes met again.

"Really?" Remy whispered, stunned to bring out such a strong emotion from Logan.

Warren nodded. "First time I had ever seen him cry in all these years. He cares for you. So, there has to be something else to this. He loves you, I don't doubt that."

"I don't know if I'd go that far."

"I would. Look at what he did tonight. He threatened to kill me if I got near you again. He was protecting you. Maybe not the best way to show he cares, but still it is obviously coming from the heart. From what I understand this wasn't the first person he has threatened either. I just think this is a case of two people too scared to talk to one another. You should tell..."

"Non! You promised!" Remy shouted in fear. He couldn't do this to him!

"Yes, I promised. I will not talk to Logan for you. I think you should talk to him." Warren sighed when Remy shook his head and turned away again. He knew this wouldn't happen overnight, but he was determined to make the two talk. It was ridiculous for this to be dragged on much longer. Then he realized there was another in the equation. He cringed inwardly thinking of his friend. This was probably driving Hank crazy. Maybe that could be the next step towards resolving this. At least it would give him someone to talk to. "Listen Remy, there is someone you should tell."

Remy's eyes widened in fear that Warren would break his promise. "Who?"

"You should tell Hank."

"Henri already knows."

"I know, but he doesn't know that you know." Warren chuckled. "Now I am sounding like Jubilee."

"This is probably driving him crazy, non?" Remy finally replied after thinking about the doctor.

"Yea, if you want I can tell him. He might be willing to tell me more about Logan's reasoning behind all this then he is you."

Remy grinned mischievously. "Y' a sneaky one, Ange."

"I'm learning from the best." He bantered back. "I'll talk to him tomorrow. Hopefully he can prove you wrong."

"Won't count on that homme, but y' never know." Remy sighed with a little hope.