Warning/Notes: This story is AU, based on Comicverse. Non-con sex (rape). As usual, I went easy on the accents. As my trademark, I have chosen misspellings and bad grammar just to annoy my English teacher. ^_^ If the Letters Look Like This that means the characters are thinking it....not telepathy, just to themselves. Disclaimer: All characters are owned by Marvel, not me. I make no money from my fanfiction.


Warren flew in to the top floor window, angry and frustrated. He had been on a hot date and she had decided to wait until the last second to tell him she never slept with anyone on the first date. Too late to go back to the clubs and find someone, and not wanting to make up with Betsy, even temporarily, he decided to go home and go to bed alone. He stormed down the hall towards his room. He stopped when he heard a voice screaming from the attic. He followed the noise curiously, but it had stopped, replaced by soft talking. He pin pointed the noise coming from the half opened door of the loft, where Storm slept. She was obviously talking to someone, who and what about he was not sure. He snuck up to the door and listened.

"Are you alright."

"Yea, Stormy, it was just a nightmare. I'm sorry for waking y', petite."

"No need to be sorry, Remy. Would you like to talk about it?"

"Non, it's alright. Just one of the same old ones, back when I was a kid."

"Where the man is raping you?"

"He wasn't raping me, I've told y' that!"

"Brother you were a child! I know you say you agreed to what that man did to you, but I will never believe that it was anything less then rape. You were too young to make such decisions, and those men took advantage of you."

"I don't want to talk about this again."

"You need to talk about it, or it will haunt you forever, like it haunts you now."

"What do I need to talk about? I have told y' I was a kid, I was homeless, I sold myself, I've told y' everything, and it didn't make anything better. I still have the nightmares, it still haunts me. I don't even know why I have the nightmares, it doesn't bother me, I did what I had to do."

"I do not believe that for a second Remy. I know it bothers you. I hear you screaming in your sleep. I see you cry when you talk about your childhood. It hurt you then and it hurts you now."

"Like I said Stormy, I don't want to talk about this. I'm going downstairs to my room."

"Remy, you can stay here. We do not have to talk about it further."

"Non, I want to be alone right now."

Warren took in the information as he eavesdropped from the hall. Gambit sold himself? I can't believe that. Normally Warren would feel sympathy for a person that grew up in that situation, maybe even lend his support, but this was Gambit. His hate for the man had reach a point of obsession. Anything that he was told about the Cajun, good or bad, he would find a way to look at it as another character flaw. Making him hate the man more. He quickly pushed himself tightly against the wall when he heard the steps down the attic stairs. Remy walked out the door and right past him.

Warren watched as the Cajun walked by, wearing only silk pajama bottoms, his hair slightly disarranged by sleep. He found himself glancing up and down the younger man's body several times before catching himself. Suddenly an idea popped into his head. A smirk covered Warren's face. Oh, this will be good. I have been wanting my revenge for so long, now I will have it.

Warren waited until he heard Remy's door click closed and walked towards it quietly. When he reached it he knocked lightly and waited for the door to be answered.

Remy was heading to his bed when he heard the knock at the door. He looked at the clock and noticed it was early morning. His first thought was, it was Ororo wanting to finish her conversation, but she normally respected his space. He walked to the door and opened it slowly. "Oui?" His eyes widened slightly seeing Warren standing on the other side. "Ange?"

"Hey Gambit, can I come in a minute?" Warren gave him a smile.

Remy saw the smile and knew this couldn't be good, but his curiosity got the best of him. "Oui, come in." Remy opened the door and stepped away. He wanted to keep some distance between them until he knew exactly what Warren was up to.

"Thanks." Warren stepped in and shut the door behind him, locking it quietly.

Remy heard the lock and gave Warren an angry look. "What do y' want, Ange?"

Warren kept his smile on his face and worked his way towards Remy. The Cajun did exactly what he thought he would do, hold his ground. Perfect. Warren crossed the room and stood arms length from Remy. "I just thought maybe we could work things out between us." Warren took advantage of the shock the one small phrase caused. He pulled the young man close to him by an arm around his slim waist. He leaned into Remy until their lips were only inches apart. "I just thought you could make it up to me." He could feel Remy's hands against his arms, pushing forcefully out of his hold. Oh Yes, fight back. It makes it so much better.

Remy shoved Warren back away from him. "What the hell do y' think y' are doing? Get out!"

Warren swiftly walked towards Remy, backing him against the wall. He leaned into Remy and began kissing his neck roughly. He could feel the Cajun trying to push him off, only making him lean in closer to restrain him further. "I just thought you would like to make a truths. I know you want to. I know you want me to forgive you for everything you did. To trust you again. To be your friend again. To except you as family. You want all that don't you?" He could feel Remy's resistance breaking down, his struggling lessen. "You want me to forgive you?" This time he looked up into those demon eyes and waited for an answer.

"Oui." Remy whispered truthfully. He did want forgiveness, but he was afraid of the price it would cost him.

"Good." Warren ground his erection into Remy's hip. He never planned on taking the joke this far, but it just felt too good to stop. He really wanted to be inside the trembling man under him. He wanted him badly. "You know what I want. I want you to feel pain like I felt. I want you to bleed like I bled."

"Warren, please, stop this." Remy whispered. He wanted the forgiveness of his teammate almost more then anything, but he could not believe Warren would want to do this, to hurt him like this.

Warren rubbed his hands across Remy's chest and down his ribcage, coming to the small of his back. He pulled the younger man towards him, holding him tight against his chest. He licked and bit his way up Remy neck and cheek until his lips were pressed to his ear. "Isn't it worth it, Remy?" He used his name for the first time since Gambit had arrived on the grounds, he knew it would have its effect. He raked his blunt nails up Remy's back until his hand rested in thick auburn hair. He suddenly tightened his grip until he heard the Cajun gasp in pain. "Isn't my forgiveness worth you being my whore for one night?"

Remy looked at him in shock. Mon Dieu, he can't be doing this to me. I want his forgiveness, but I can't do this. Mon Dieu, what do I do. I don't want to hurt him, not again.

Warren could tell it would only take a little more to break the man in front of him. One more blow to the younger man's flaking self confidence. He could stop this now and walk away, using it against Remy later. All of his thoughts of withdrawl were shattered by the throbbing between his legs. The longing to take the man, hear him scream in pain, see the blood flow from the body, as he inflicted his revenge. He could not hold out much longer, he had to have his vengence. He looked once again into those demonic eyes, that were now wet with tears and snarled. "Remember, you owe me. You owe the Morlocks. You deserve to die for what you did to them and to me. You need to be punished." Warren smiled as he saw Remy's eyes close and the tears roll down his face. He knew he had him now. Remy would do anything he wanted, beliveing it would give him forgiveness in the end. Warren let go of Remy and gave him a shove towards the bed. "Now strip."

Remy stood there for a moment in a haze of confusion, of fear, and of longing. Longing to be forgiven. He took a deep breath and pushed his unease and terror to the back of his mind, concentrating on the outcome, the forgiveness. This would soon be over, nothing he had not been through many times. Warren is right, it is worth it. Remy was thrown out of his thoughts by Warren making his demands again. He pulled down his pajama bottoms and stepped out of them, feeling completely vulnerable as he stood naked.

Warren removed his clothing as he stepped over to the naked form in front of the bed. He stretched out his wings, the ends quivered in anticipation. He stood closely behind Remy, taking in the the sight in front of him, moaning as his erection rubbed against the tight ass in front of him. He leaned in, burying his face in Remy's locks, breathing in the spicy scent. "You are beautiful, boy."

Remy stood there trying to block out Warren's actions and words. Trying to stop the flashbacks that they were causing. He tried to stop the tremors that ran through his body with each of Warren's touches, but couldn't. He yelped as he was shoved onto the bed in front of him. His face was thrown into a pillow and held there by Warren's hand in his hair. He whimpered as it became harder and harder to breath. He tried to move his face from the pillow but couldn't budge. He never remembered the winged man being this strong before. Suddenly he screamed loudly as a familiar sharp pain ripped through his lower body and up his back and stomach. He began to panic, the pain was severe and he couldn't breath. He tried to push his head back, away from the pillow, and found it held there by a steel grip. Mon Dieu, let this be over soon, please. I know I deserve this, but I can't take much more.

Warren moaned loudly as he forced his way in to the hilt in one thrust. He put all his weight on the back of Remy's head and thrust in and out madly. He laughed manically as the blood rolled down Remy's legs that were draped over the side of the tall bed. The movement's became faster and rougher, bent on causing pain more then sexual enjoyment. For Warren, the pain was quickly becoming the enjoyment. He listened to the strangled cries and moans, becoming more excited when they became louder and more pain filled. He almost came when the sobbing of the younger man caused contractions around his cock. He didn't want it to end, causing the man below him this much pain was a release. A release of anger, of the rage that he had pinned up in him for so long it began to eat away at his soul. Warren was pulled over the edge when Remy began thrashing, instinctly trying to break free from the torture and breath. Warren spilled his seed deep into Remy and groaned. He smiled at his accomplishment, laughing as he pulled out of Remy quickly causing one last strangled cry of agony. He was about to find out how well the Cajun could use that pretty mouth when he heard a knock at the door. Shit! He scrambled and began grabbing all of his clothing.

"Hey, kid? Are ya alright?" Logan stood outside the door waiting for an answer. He was just waking up and heading for his morning workout when he heard the strange noises from Remy's room. He figured the Cajun was having another one of his nightmares.

Shit! He'll know I was here. Warren looked around frantically and saw the large bottle of Whiskey sitting on the table. He ran over and picked up the bottle and began dosing the bed, Remy, and the area around them in the liquor. He hoped it would cover the scent of him from Logan. He was sure that the Cajun wouldn't tell anyone it was him, and who would believe him. Doesn't matter, Remy let me do it, what could they do to me. They will probably thank me. He heard a strangled moan coming from Remy, who he thought was unconcious. Curiousity getting th ebest of him, he bent over to hear what he was saying.

"Please...forgive....me." Remy chocked out between painful sobs. The pain of being taken so violently, and the alcohol burning into his wounds, were pulling him into darkness, but he had to fight it. He had to hear the words he had waited to hear for so long, making all of this pain and humiliation worth it.

Warren snorted. He bent down to Remy's ear and whispered into it. "Never, you stupid whore." He heard the door knob turn and quickly flew out the opened window.