Note: Jacob Gavin is in this chapter, and though I have wrote this in the knowledge that Warren never forgave Remy and fought New Son, he is here anyway. So lets just act like the Annual never happened and Warren never worked for New Son or knew anything about him. Work with me here!

Logan was getting worried as they unpacked the truck into the modest ranch house. Remy had been way too quiet the whole trip to Texas. He knew the kid was tired, he had tried to sleep several times on the way, but had woke to nightmares each time. Some so bad he had to stop the truck. He was tired himself he had to admit. He had drove straight from the cabin to the ranch without stopping to sleep, and he was drained. He grabbed the last suitcase from the back and joined Remy inside, hoping to go straight to bed. "I know it's not much kid, but it'll have to do. A little bit of cleaning and it will be liveable." Logan dragged his finger across the dusty counter and wiped the inch of dust off on his jeans.

"Why bother. We won't be here long." Remy muttered while pulling out the few things he knew he would need from his duffel bag. He wasn't going to bother unpacking anything else. If the X-men didn't catch up with them soon, then Warren would.

Logan pulled Remy away from the suitcase and sat him on the couch, taking a seat on the coffee table in front of him. "Listen Rems, I know the dreams were bad, but Warren ain't coming. Even if he was, he's nothing neither of us can't handle. We have both kicked his ass a hundred times in the Danger Room. You just have to be willing to fight him and he won't hurt ya. As for the X-men, we just have to stay ahead of the game. I know a few people around here, they will watch out for us. Don't give up on me now."

"Logan we barely got away last time! What if Stormy wouldn't have called? What if she doesn't get the chance again? I just don't like sitting here just waiting for it to happen. We might not be so lucky next time." Remy leaned forward and dropped his face onto Logan's shoulder, he was tired, and he knew he was irrational when he hadn't slept. Maybe Logan was right, he is worrying too much.

Logan rubbed Remy's back for comfort. He had a lot of time to think about this on the trip here. Ororo seemed to be on their side, and she mentioned Jubilee wished them the best. Maybe there was a way to have an insider working for them. "I was thinking on the way here, and I might have a solution to all this. Maybe we can find a way to keep in contact with Ororo. She seems to want to help. If you think we can trust her to keep it a secret."

Remy lifted his head and raised an eyebrow at Logan. "Are y' crazy? We tell her where we are and one of those 'paths will figure it out! Even if she's on our side! I trust her to keep a secret, but that doesn't mean anything in that house."

Logan smiled. "I'm not saying to tell her were we are. It's the age of technology Rems, might as well use it. If we get a cell phone the telepath's in the house can't track it. I know you would like to talk to 'Ro again, and I wouldn't mind talking to Jubes. This will give us the chance to do that and keep track of where they stand. We just have to find a way to get the number to her without the others finding out what it is."

Remy grabbed Logan on each side of his rough cheeks and pulled him into a bruising kiss. "Y' are brilliant! I know how to get the number to her, I even know how to disguise it!"

Logan laughed seeing Remy's mood lifted. "Good, we'll go into town and pick up a phone tomorrow. Right now lets get some sleep, we both could use it."

Remy sighed as he was lead into the bedroom. "We have to start staying in places that we don't have to 'go to town' to get something. I feel like a hick!"

"Maybe I like being a hick." Logan kicked off his shoes and dressed down to his boxers. He was glad that Remy was alright with just skivvies, he was used to sleeping nude, but he wasn't about to do that until he knew Remy was comfortable. When they first started sleeping in each others bed it was always pjs. That all changed at the cabin, the Florida summer heat will make even the shiest person strip down to the bare minimum.

Remy threw his shirt at Logan as he jumped in the bed. He bounced to test the springs and smirked. "Seems like this bed could handle a lot of rocking."

Logan raised an eyebrow. "I bet it could too...." He took a leap over the footboard and pounced on Remy, making sure not to land on him, just over him. He smiled when Remy laughed, there was no fear in his eyes, and that lifted his hopes that he was finally healing. He leaned down and gently kissed Remy on the lips, only to be pulled in deeper. "Let's get some sleep. Maybe tomorrow you can at least unpack those candles."

Remy smiled and leaned forward to kiss Logan again. "Je t'aime."

"I love ya to Rems. Now come here, I want ya close." Logan pulled Remy over with him, resting his head on his chest. He pulled him as tight as he dared, their legs twined together, arms wrapped around one another. Logan was in heaven, curled in the warmth their bodies created. He felt a kiss fall on the crown of his head.

"Night Logan."

"Good Night, kid."


"Yea, yea, Remy, you owe me! Yes, I'm outside the house now. I know, don't tell anyone who there from, I know I know! This is my job! Oh, and Remy, have I told you just how much I hate you today? No? Well I do! I'll talk to you later. Bye." Jake put the cell phone back in his pocket and picked up the bouquet of flowers from his passenger seat. He had changed to his 'generic male' form, as he called it. Normal everyday Joe, dressed in a deliver costume. When Remy called with a job for a delivery he thought it was going to be something exciting, something more James Bond, not flowers. He walked up to the door and knocked, making sure to put all thoughts of Remy or his real persona in the back of his mind. He had been warned about the telepaths in the house, but he wasn't worried, he was used to keeping them out of his head, or at least confusing them. He shuffled his feet until he heard a call through the house.

"Scott! Can you get that!"

"Yea, honey." Scott looked at his watch, it was 8:00 at night, he wondered who would be knocking on the door this late. He looked through the peep hole and it was a delivery boy. He shook his head and opened the door. "Can I help you?"

"I have a delivery for.." Jake looked at the clipboard, more for effective acting, then needing to know her name. "Ororo Monroe."

"I'll take them." Scott took the large box full of roses, and shuffled them to one arm while signing the clipboard. He glanced over the form and noticed no name for the giver. "Who are these from?"

Jake shrugged. "I'm not sure Sir, thats what the cards are for. Most people like it to be a surprise."

Scott handed the clipboard back with a nod. "Well, Thank You."

Jake waved and walked back towards the car, smiling when he heard the door close. He jumped in his car and drove from the mansion, waiting to pass the gates before changing into his normal, or somewhat normal, form. He picked up the cell phone again, dialling the the new number he had gotten that morning. "Hey Remy, it's done, there in the house. I don't know who it was that took them. Looked like a dorky version of you with red glasses." Jake shook his head at the laughter that came through the phone, obviously from two different parties. "Scott? Ok, I'll file that away in my head somewhere, like the 'I don't care file'. Now when am I getting paid? Yes, I am being greedy! Ever since I lost my job with New Son, money's tight and daddy has cut me off! Check's in the mail my ass! I can always get your checking account from Deadpool! Ok, ok, whats the locker number. 266, alright, it better be there! Trust you? Never! Bye!" Jake chuckled at the conversation, he had missed Remy. He never got to jab at other clients, but then again he never made friends with his other clients either. Maybe he would visit him soon.



Ororo and Jubilee heard the call up the stairs and quickly shoved away there maps and papers. They had been attempting to do what the other X-men couldn't accomplish, trying to find Remy and Logan. They both had a little more to go one then the others, they had been very close to both of the men they were trying to find. Using that knowledge and the little that the X-men had found, they hoped to find them first. Last time it had given the men only hours, but that was enough to get them out. They both had regretted it, losing them both and then finding out that their lives were threatened. This time they would find them and warn them. Only after pushing everything under the blankets of the bed, and Jubilee taking a seat atop them, did Storm open the door. "What can I do for you Scott. Oh my, those are beautiful!"

"They just came for you. There was no sender. The delivery boy said it would be in the card." Scott stood in the doorway, hoping that Ororo would share her secret admirer with him. He didn't want another incident, like what happened when she got flowers the last time.

Ororo stood in the door and stared at Scott annoyingly. She knew what he wanted, and she was not about to tell him. "Thank You, Scott. Was there something else you wanted?"

"Um, no Storm. I'll talk to you later, I guess." Scott mumbled as he made his leave down the stairs.

As soon as Scott disappeared Jubilee jumped off the bed to look at the beautiful bouquet. "Wow! Roses, you're so lucky! No one ever sends me roses!"

Ororo handed the box over to the young woman to fetch a vase from the green house, filling it with water. She opened the box and gently pulled out the huge bouquet of roses, placing there stems in the cool water inside the vase. She let the roses fall into place and gasped as they fell outward, exposing a single black rose in it's center. "By the Goddess!"

Jubilee looked at the arrangement as Ororo began searching the box frantically. She stared at the black flower in the center, original hidden by the others in the box. "Well, that isn't cool."

"The card! There has to be a card!" Ororo returned to the flowers and turned the vase in circles searching for a card she knew she must have missed.

Jubilee finally came out of her utter shock of seeing Storm is a tussy and notice she still had the card in her hand. "Oh, here, I have it. Who are they from anyway?"

Ororo snatched the card from Jubilee, too ecstatic to lecture her on privacy. She ripped open the card and smiled. "They are from Remy. We would always send roses as a sign if either was in trouble or as a disguise for something more important. Let us hope it is the latter." She looked over the card and rushed to her desk for a pen and paper.

Jubilee followed, her eyebrow raising as she looked at the card. 'Vibrant Violet Vixens, Waltz Through Yellow Stones' "Remy needs a lesson in poetry, he stinks! That doesn't even make sense!" She stuck her tongue out childishly when Ororo ignored her. She was surprised when Ororo turned around, shoving a piece of perfumed paper in her face. She grabbed it and read the ornate handwriting. "5554728?"

"The horrible poetry, as you call it, is a code. That my child is a phone number. I am assuming I do not have to tell you who will answer the phone if we were to dial it."

"Oh my god! Your telling...." Jubilee was hushed by Ororo's hand over her mouth.

"I am sure this is something that they wanted to keep a secret! Do not tell anyone. Understand?" Jubilee nodded against her hand. "Come let us go find a pay phone, it will be safer then using one in the mansion." She took the younger mutants hand and they flew through the skylight. Both anxious to speak to Remy and Logan.


Eyes starred from beneath the brush of the large tree outside the mansion gates. His enhanced sight following the two woman as they flew from the roof into the night sky. He had heard the conversation and knew it was only a matter of time before his careful plan was to play out. One of the many things he had gained in his transformation was patience. He had to have all the pawns in place before making his move, it would make the prize that much sweeter when won. Warren grinned at his evil thoughts and disappeared into the darkness.