Logan slowly opened the door after picking it, or at least what he considered picking, which was slicing it off. He wondered why the door was locked, it never was before. "Gumbo, are ya awake?" When he walked in, the smell of alcohol assaulted his senses. He had to close his eyes as the strong fumes burned his eyes. "What the hell's going on, kid?" When he opened his eyes he saw Remy's trembling body laying half way across the bed. "Cajun?" He rushed over and gasped when he noticed the blood that was running down Remy's naked legs and making small puddles on the floor. He stood there a moment in shock, not sure exactly what happened, and not sure what to do. He quickly grabbed the blanket that was folded at the end of the bed and covered the unconcious young man in it. He slowly rolled Remy over into his arms and noticed the blood covering his face and hissed. Logan lifted the Cajun carefully into his arms and raced him out of the room. "Hold on kid, Blue will fix ya up." Logan rushed in the doors of the Medlab, careful not to harm the load in his arms. "Hank!"

Hank stuck his head out of the office, morning breakfast in hand. "Yes?" Seeing Logan standing there with someone in his arms he rushed out. "Logan, whats going on?" He looked to see Remy's battered face resting against Logan's shoulder. "Oh my Stars and Garters! Lay him down over here on the table."

Logan sat Remy on the table and began to explain the best he could. "He was in his room on the bed. His legs are covered in blood and his face, well ya saw it, I don't know....." Logan's ranting was cut off by a wave of a blue paw.

"Go on, I will examine him, wait outside, please." Hank began preparing a syringe with medication to stop the tremors in Remy's body. He looked up at Logan when he didn't move. "Please, Logan, wait outside."

Logan growled. "Damn it Blue! I want to stay. I want to know what's going on."

"No, Logan, I know you are worried about him, but I need you to leave. I will talk to you when I have looked at him, now go!" Hank pointed to the door, not putting his arm down until he saw Logan leave. Finally alone he finished unwrapping Remy and saw all the blood covering the young man's legs. He shook his head and began his examination, afraid of what the outcome would be.


Logan stood in the hall against the wall smoking his third cigar. He tried to put the pieces together with the little evidence he had. He was beaten up pretty bad. Whoever did this knew I would be able to smell them in the room, why else would they pour alcohol on him. It couldn't have been an enemy, the alarms would have sounded. I can't believe someone in the mansion would have done this. He was brought out of his thinking when Hank stormed through the medical door straight for him. "Hank...."

Hank picked Logan up by his shirt and threw him against the wall, holding him there. "Did you do this to him?"

"What the hell are ya talking about?" Logan was stunned, he had never seen Hank this angry before.

Hank actually growled at Logan. He was so angry. Finding that Remy had been sexually assualted and beaten like he had pushed him over the edge. He knew some of the people in the mansion disliked Remy for what had happened in the tunnels and at the trial, but this was uncalled for. He would not wish this on his worst enemy. "Did you do this to Remy? Don't lie. I can run tests to find out. If it turns out you lied to me, I swear, there will be dire consequences. I do not know what you were thinking when you did this to him...."

"Hold on! I didn't do this! I found Remy in his room like that. I thought he was having another nightmare, so I went in to wake him up. Christ Hank, ya can't think I would hurt the kid. Hell, I'm one of the few friends he has left here!" Logan felt the hold on his shirt loosen and he quickly slid out from between Hank and the wall to give himself space.

Hank realized how foolish he was being. Remy and Logan had been close friends for a long time. He had to admit that even though the Canadian had lost control on occassion, it never resulted in him raping someone. He was overreacting and just wanted someone to blame, so he could punish them for the acts. "I am sorry Logan. My outburst was immature."

Logan forced himself to give Hank a small smile. "It's alright Hank, I saw him, he looked pretty messed up and it pisses me off too. Now, what's going on, is he going to be alright?"

"I'm sorry Logan, Remy will recover over time, but I can not discuss this with you. Patient doctor priviledge forbids me...."

"Can it, Blue. Tell me whats going on so I can help the kid. I will get it out of him soon enough and I won't tell the others." Logan took out another cigar and began to light it when Hank said something. He told himself he had to of heard the words wrong. The unlit cigar fell out of his mouth and hit the floor. "What did ya say. I think I heard ya wrong."

Hank repeated himself and then explained. "Remy has been raped, brutally raped. The tearing was severe and I had to put several stitches in. The injury to his face was caused by pressure. He will suffer black eyes and his nose will bruise."

Logan was in shock, not only to the fact of what happened, but to the absurdity of it all. He shook his head in denial. "Hank ya have to be wrong. The kid would have put up a fight, and the room wasn't messed up, other then the whiskey all over the floor. There were no alarms either, how could an enemy get in and out without us knowing?"

Hank gave Logan a look that told him he was dead serious. "Remy was raped, no one in their right mind would ever let someone do this to them. As for alarms, I never said it was an enemy. I came after you remember. It makes sense, Remy would never fight someone in the house. People around here may not believe it, but that young man would never hurt anyone in this mansion, no matter what it would cost him. I am afraid he paid a large price this time."

Logan looked up at him in concern. "Ya said ya could run test, right?"

Hank nodded reluctantly. "Yes, I can. When I realized what had happened I ran a rape kit. I only have to compare it against the DNA of the people in the mansion."

Logan shot him a look of confusion. "Why the hell haven't ya done it then?"

The doctor removed his glasses and rubbed his temples, trying to clear away the headache that the night's events had caused. "Logan, truthfully, I am afraid to know the results. Going over everyone in the mansion, I cannot think of one person that could possible do this."

Logan snorted. "But me?"

"I told you I was sorry for that outburst. I was very angry and you were here." Hank put his hand on Logan's shoulder. "I truly don't think you could do something like this." Hank sighed and turned towards the lab door. "But there in lies the problem, I can't believe anyone in the mansion would do this." He reached the door and ushered Logan in. "Are you going to help me?"

Logan smiled softly, understanding the Hank would never let him in if he believed he was guilty of such a crime. "Yea Hank, ya run those test, and I will talk to the kid when he wakes up."

Hank nodded. "That sounds like a plan. It will take me an hour or two to prepare the test and run the results. Remy's sedative should wear off in about an hour."

"Alright." Logan pulled up a chair and sat next to Remy who was curled up on his side with pillows all around him.

Hank checked the monitors and the IVs. "He has the ice mask on to stop some of the swelling in his eyes. When he wakes up he can take it off. He may not be able to open his eyes fully for a few days. He must have had his face pushed into the matress or floor."

Logan pushed away a lock of hair and noticed the blackness forming on Remy's cheeks under the mask. "He was laying on a pillow when I found him. Ya don't think they tried to suffocate him do ya?"

Hank shrugged. "It might explain why we did not hear the cries."

Logan closed his eyes and shook his head. "Go in there and find out who this bastard is so I can hurt him."

Hank nodded and headed into the lab.


Logan sat for an hour staring at the pale form in front of him. Several times he wanted to go out and have a smoke, but he stopped himself. He didn't want Remy to wake up alone. He knew how the Cajun was about being by himself. Remy had hid it from him and most of the team for years behind his cocky attitude, but he needed contact. He found this out when he witnessed one of Remy's nightmare's first hand. After waking the young man up he found himself stuck in the bed the rest of the night with the Cajun. Logan was never sure if it was because of Remy's rotton childhood, or his mutant powers, but he knew he needed touch like a drug. Ororo was normally the one that ended up sharing her bed, but on occassion Remy would sneak into his. He thought this morning was going to be one of those times. Finding Remy in the bloody mess he was in was not at all what he was expecting. He startled slightly when he heard a small moan come from the bed next to him. "Hey, Remy. It's alright, wake up." Logan quietly coxed the young man back into reality.

Remy heard the voice and tried to open his eyes, but seemed to have a hard time. When he forced them open all he saw was blackness. Not completely awake and with the medication, he was not fully aware of what was going on. Slow coming around he felt the coldness against his face and the dull throbbing in his lower body. He finally remembered what happened and panicked when he couldn't see. He clawed at the cold barrier on his face, trying to remove it.

"Kid! Hey! Hold on, its just an ice pack for your eyes. Here, I'll take it off for ya." Logan reached over to remove it and recoiled when Remy flinched. He realized that Remy was panicking and had no clue where he was or who was in the room with him. "Remy, it's me Logan. I'm not going to hurt ya. Let me take the mask off. Calm down." Logan reached over again and removed the mask, talking as he did so. He stopped Remy's hand as the young man tried to rub his eyes. "Don't, they are swollen. Hank said ya may not be able to open them all the way for a few days."

Remy managed to look around with half opened eyes. He saw Logan, now sitting in front of him, and the machines of the MedLab. How did I get here? Where's Warren. Why is Logan here. Non, please don't let him know. Merde! What the hell am I going to tell him. That I whored myself to Warren for punishment I deserved, for forgiveness he never gave me. Mon Dieu, how could I have been so stupid, so blind. Warren will never forgive me, he just wanted to hurt me.

Logan began to worry when Remy just laid there not saying anything. He tried to read what was going on in those alien eyes of his, but couldn't due to the swelling. "Hey kid, ya ok? Are ya in pain? Talk to me?"

Remy looked up at Logan, as well as he could. "Why am I here?"

Logan looked at him concerned. He expected hysterics, crying, maybe even panic. But Remy was strangly calm and the monotone voice added to his worry. "Ya don't remember what happened?"

"Oui, but why am I here? Can I go back to my room? I don't need to be here." Remy closed his eyes, they were beginning to sting.

Logan shook his head, this was creeping him out. Remy was acting very odd for someone that has just been raped and almost suffacated. "Remy, I had to bring ya here. I found ya in your room unconsious and bleeding. Whoever did this, hurt ya pretty bad. Hank had to give ya stitches, and ya have two black eyes."

Remy sighed angrily. "I didn't need stitches, I could have healed on my own."

Logan could feel his anger surfacing. He was not really angry at Remy, but at his stubborness and the man who caused all of this. Why couldn't the kid just admit he was hurting. He needed to take his anger out on someone before he released it on the kid, who didn't deserve it. "Remy, who did this to ya?"

Remy opened his eyes again. "It's not important." I can't tell him, he will never understand.

Logan glared at Remy, not believing what he was hearing. "Not important? How can ya say that? We need to know who did this to ya!"

Remy closed his eyes again. "Why, Logan? Just drop it, please."

"Why? For Christ sake, Remy, we need to punish the man who raped ya!" Why the hell are ya so stubborn?

Remy eyes flew back open in shock, causing him a tinge of pain. He ignored it and shook his head. "Logan, no one raped me."

Logan was dumbfounded. "What? Ya let someone do this to ya? Why Remy?" Logan anger was at its peak, and now it was raging towards the Cajun. How could he be so stupid! How could he let someone hurt him like this. He must be out of his mind....or protecting someone. That has to be it. "Remy, don't try to protect whoever did this! I know ya are not in to this kind of thing. Ya couldn't have let someone do this. Why would ya?"

Remy was losing the battle with his emotions. He just wanted to forget this ever happened and Logan was making it hard to do that. He knew if he told Logan who did this the Canadian would go after Warren and possible hurt or kill the man. He had seen Logan go after Warren, for just saying things about him. Then he was thankful for Logan's support. Now he couldn't let that happen, this was not Warren's fault. He let him do this, and he deserved it. Yes, Warren didn't keep his end of the bargin, but that was nothing new to him. He knew deep in his soul he should not be forgiven for what he did. Now he just had to convince Logan to let it go. "Logan, he didn't rape me. I let him do this. This is what he wanted and I gave it to him. It's over, now let it go, please."

"It's what he wanted, but is it what ya wanted? Remy ya couldn't have wanted him to hurt ya like this. Even if ya agreed to lay down with him, ya couldn't of expected this, or agreed to it. Ya have stitches for Christ sake! He covered up his scent on ya to hide what he did from me. If ya let him do this, why did he run?"

Tears started to well in Remy's eyes. He tried desperatly to fight them. "Logan, please. I made a mistake, I'll deal with it alright."

"No! We will deal with this! Who did this to ya?"

"Warren." Hank voice came quietly across the Medlab from the office. "Warren did this, didn't he Remy?"

The tears poured down Remy's face onto the pillow his head rested on. He pleaded between sobs. "Please...don't blame Warren...this is not his fault, it's mine...he's just angry...I understand." Remy opened his eyes to see Logan face turning red with anger, his hands balled in fists. "Logan, don't..." He frantically tried to get out of bed and stop Logan when he stomped towards the door. He didn't get far when the pain shot up his back causing him to collapse with a scream.

Logan momentarily stopped when he heard the wail coming from Remy. He turned to see the young man curled up in pain on the bed. The agony Remy was in only made him want to hurt Warren more. When he saw Hank rushing over to help Remy lay down again he started out the door, ignoring Remy's pleads for him to stop.

"Please, Remy, lay down. You will pull out your stitches and the IV." Hank pushed Remy back down to lay on his stomach. "Do not make me sedate you, Remy."

"Please, stop him, it's not Warren's fault. He didn't rape me. Stop him...." Remy's eyes rolled as he passed out. The excitement taking its toll on his battered body.

Hank quickly checked the monitors and ran after Logan, hoping he would catch him in time.