Hank and Scott ran into the Medlab following the screams and shouts. Scott stopped in his tracks at the door when he saw Bobby attacking Remy. It was so surreal. He could have sworn he walked into a dream, more like a nightmare, not the MedLab. This whole day seemed like he was caught in another place, no one was acting like themselves. He stumbled when Hank rushed past him.

Hank tried to pull Bobby off of Remy while yelling at him to stop. It was obvious that Remy was in a great deal of pain and in panic. Bobby was straddling Remy's hips, pinning him to the bed as he yelled profanities and curses in the Cajun's face. Hank knew being pinned had to be hurting Remy, if not wounding him further. He could only imagine what been helplessly held down was doing to him mentally, he had just been through something similar hours before. The hard sobs racking Remy's body had stopped the screams for escaping, but he could tell the pain hadn't lessened. He had to get Bobby off now, but he wouldn't budge. He feared extreme force would hurt Remy as well. "Scott! I could use some assistance please!"

Scott finally came to his senses and rushed to help Hank pull Bobby away. He had been hoping that if he stood there long enough he would wake up. That obviously wasn't the case. He grabbed Bobby's arm and attempted to pull him back, off of Remy. He was surprised at the strength his younger team mate had. "Bobby get off of him! You're hurting him!"

Bobby ignored everyone around him. He used all his strength to stay exactly where he was. He knew Remy had to be playing them, his friend Warren would never hurt a team mate. He was so lost in rage he never bothered to take a really good look at the man beneath him, or listen to the screams that escaped Remy's lips. When Hank and Scott began pulling at him he held on to Remy tighter and yelled louder. "You Bastard, this is your fault! Warren is probably dead because of you! Is this idea of revenge? Think you can manipulate us all into killing one another? Your wrong if you think we're that stupid! Admit your faking! Warren would never hurt you!"

Hank took drastic measures when he saw Remy's eyes roll back and his body go limp. He grabbed a syringe of sedative and plunged it into Bobby's arm. He gave his friend an angry glare when the prick of the needle finally got his attention. "Remy is not acting Robert. He is injured and you just succeeded in making it worse!" Hank pulled hard on Bobby's arm almost throwing him to the floor in his weakening state. He swung the younger man around and pushed him towards the bed to look at Remy. "Did you bother to look at him before attacking him Robert? Look at his face! Warren did that to him, and that is only the half of it! Another thing, Remy was not the one that accused Warren, I was!" He manhandled Bobby into the second lab bed as his limbs went numb.

Bobby weakly curled up on his side in a fetal position, his back to everyone in the room, and mumbled "Sorry." before falling into darkness.

Hank shook his head and took a deep breath trying to compose himself as he turned back to Remy. His patient's arm was bleeding from the IV being pulled out in the fight. There were now bruises forming around his wrists to match his battered face. He suspected he would have to mend the stiches as well. He looked up at Scott. "I need to check on Remy's injuries. Maybe you should try an find a way to calm everyone down, this is getting out of hand."

Scott nodded and turned to leave. Questioning himself as he left. Where had he gone wrong? Was this explosion of rage always on the surface, and he just missed it all this time? How could he have failed everyone so badly?


For the first time in his life, Logan cursed his sensitive hearing. He could hear Remy's screams and cries rip through the hall. Each one full of agony. He could hear the shouts of Hank and Scott trying to stop the attack. Then there was the voice that made his blood boil again. Bobby was blaming Remy for what he did. Accusing Remy of faking his injuries. He could only imagine the hell the kid was going through. This was his fault. He attacked Warren. Remy shouldn't be blamed for this.

The noises finally ceased in the Medlab and it concerned him. What had happened? He strained his hearing to try and pick up any sound or noise to tell him Remy was alright. He suddenly heard the lab door open and Scott walked out. He quickly stood and yelled down the hall to the retreating leader. "Scott, what's going on? Is Remy alright? Talk to me Slim, I need to know!"

Scott kept walking, he didn't even want to look at Logan. His nerves where shot and he knew the Canadian would just help push him over the edge. That had happened enough today. He stepped onto the elevator without a word.


Remy slowly pulled himself out of sleep. He laid still, his eyes closed tight. He was afraid to open them. He sensed someone next to his bed, could feel there eyes staring down on him. He opened his eyes slowly and flinched back seeing Bobby standing over him. He couldn't take another fight. Why couldn't they just leave him alone?

Bobby stomach turned seeing Remy flinch from him. He had been sitting on the edge of his bed waiting for Remy to wake so he could apologize. Now that he was rational he had Hank explain to him what really happened. He was horrified to find out that Warren had raped Remy. At the time, he didn't understand the words that Warren was saying in the office, but now he did. His friend threatened to do this again, to do worse, that wasn't the Warren he had grown to love as a brother. He had attacked Remy as revenge for Logan's assault on Warren, now knowing the truth he probably would have done the same thing to his winged friend. He felt like a fool. He hoped he could make this right again.

"Remy, I want to apologize for what I did earlier. I wasn't thinking straight, there was so much going on. I was so mad at Logan for attacking Warren and like an idiot I blamed you. I just couldn't believe Warren hurt you, I didn't want to believe it really. I understand if you never want to talk to me again, I deserve that, but I hope you can forgive me."

Remy closed his eyes fighting back the tears. He wasn't touched by Bobby's apology, he didn't even want to except it. He was tired of this! He was always the one handing out the forgiveness. Always made them feel better about hurting him, but they would always drive his faults into him everyday. He couldn't take this anymore. Despite the pain he rolled over onto his opposite side, away from Bobby, he hoped that would make his point very clear. "I am tired Robert."

Bobby stood there stunned for a moment. He really expected Remy to except the apology. "Um...alright, I will leave you to sleep then. Maybe we'll talk later?"

"Maybe" Remy muttered angrily, keeping his eyes closed. He waited until he heard the Medlab doors open and close before he opened them again.

Hank walked up to the bed after Bobby left. He had witnessed the scene from his office and had applauded Remy's reaction. He thought that Bobby was a bit naive to expect to be forgiven so soon for his actions. He had hurt the Cajun deeply, not only emotionally, but physically. "I must say you handled that well, he did not deserve anything more at this point."

Remy painfully turned back onto his other side, pushing away Hank's efforts to help him. He had to hide his weakness. He had to get out of this damn lab. It was driving him crazy to be here. The lab wasn't the only thing driving him crazy, it was the mansion and the people in it too. He just wanted to hide away from it all, or maybe leave it behind. He would worry about that later though, he wanted to know why he was being attacked by Bobby. "Hank, what's going on? Bobby said something about Logan hurting Warren."

Hank sighed and took a seat on the foot of the bed, carefully avoiding the Cajun's long legs. "We confronted Warren about what he did, and he had said some things he shouldn't have. Logan overheard and a fight broke out. Logan injured Warren badly, but he disappeared before anyone could help him. Now Warren is missing, possibly dead, and Logan is in the holding cells down the hall. I think attacking you was Bobby's way of exacting revenge on Logan. This has all gotten out of hand. Warren attacking you was the last thing anyone expected, and it has caused a bit of confusion among the team. Everyone is acting out of character and jumping to conclusions. I am truly sorry this happened to you Remy, it should have never came to this."

Remy held his breath. All he wanted to do was scream. All he could think of was Logan in a holding cell, a place he knew haunted the Canadian in his nightmares. This was his fault, not Logan's. Now he feared for Logan, Lord only knew what they would do to him. He wasn't one of the premiere students, not part of the perfect X-men cliche. He was an outsider like himself, and look what they were doing to him. He couldn't let them hurt Logan. Not because of something stupid he did. He cared too much for Logan, his friendship was irreplaceable.

"Henri, now that the IV is out, can I sleep in my room? I really hate labs." He made sure to add a little charm to the request. If he was in his room he would have a little more freedom to move around. He wanted to see Logan, wanted to hear his side of the story. He would then make his decision on exactly what to do.

Hank looked over the charts and the readings, satisfied with the results. Remy still needed to be under watch, but it didn't seem to matter which bed he was in, he would heal all the same. "I think I can approve that, but I want someone to stay with you, make sure you do not begin running a fever. I will check on you periodically throughout the day and make sure you are recovering. If you do start showing signs of infection or fever I will request you return to my lab, understood?"

Remy nodded with a smile. Hank was making this a lot easier on him then expected.

"Let me call Ororo, I am sure she would be more then happy to watch over you. She has been fighting to get in here all day." Hank grabbed the medication to refill and hopped over to his office to call Ororo, he was pretty sure she would be nearby. He quickly got Ororo on her line, since she was obviously sitting on the phone. She happily agreed to take on the job as nurse, and agreed to be down as soon as she cleaned up Remy's room. She didn't want him waking with any reminders of what occurred. He agreed whole-heartedly and returned to Remy to explain the circumstances of his release.

"Ororo is going to be down in a few minutes. Now for my speech that is my duty as doctor to subject you to." Hank smiled when he managed to get a weak grin from Remy. He made sure he had the young man's attention before showing him the bottles. "This is Loratab, it is for the pain. I want you to take it steady until the stitches completely dissolve. If you are under pain it could cause a fever. The Amoxicillin is your antibiotic, I want you to take one in the morning and one at night until this bottle is gone. It is very important to finish this bottle, even if you feel well again. Understood?" Hank waited for the nod from Remy then continued. "Alright, now Ororo is on her way down. I want to sedate you before taking you to your room. You are still in quite a bit of pain, if you admit it or not, and I do not want to put more stress on you then needed. I will carry you up to your room as soon as you are asleep. I want you to take it easy for the next few days, don't stand or walk unless it is necessary, the bathroom and back, nothing more. I don't want those stitches to pull again."

"Merci Henri." Remy closed his eyes as Hank injected the sedative. He wasn't going to fight it, all he wanted now was to sleep. Soon he would be in his room and he could work on talking to Logan.

Hank rubbed Remy's arm where he injected the sedative. "Sleep now, when you wake up you will be in your nice cozy bed, my friend."