Remy curled back up on his side, and hastily threw the covers over himself, when he heard Ororo coming up the stairs. He had managed to cross the room and back with a tolerable amount of pain. He had been testing himself the last several days on Ororo trips for food and short breaks she took to get her claustrophobia under control. The first several time he almost dropped to the floor when the pain ripped through his back. He never remembered it being this painful. He must not be used to this anymore. He had to smirk at himself. What kind of life did a person have if he could be used to something like this? He fell into the memories of the times when pain like this was an everyday occurrence, a necessity to survive. He hated his life then, and vowed never to fall into that lifestyle again. He smirked again, he can't even keep promises to himself. He threw on a false smile when Ororo came into the room. "Hey Stormy, what did y' bring me for dinner this time?"

"Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich, and Remy...stop calling me that." She sat the tray on the bed with a smile. She brushed her finger lightly over Remy cheek as he pushed himself up on his elbow. "Your bruises are fading, it is good to see."

"I feel a lot better, not much pain at all anymore." Remy lied. "I'm going to be stuck in bed forever if you keep feeding me stuff like this. Just because you are a vegetarian doesn't mean I have to be one."

Ororo smiled at Remy. She loved to see him acting like his old fun-loving self, even when she knew it was a mask. She knew Remy too well to be fooled. He was still in pain, not only physically, but emotionally. She tried to get Remy to talk to her, but he would one become spiteful and refuse to talk about it. She knew in her heart it would not be long before Remy moved on. Her brother would take the worst of things, but he would only take it so much before calling it quits. She hated to lose her brother, but she knew it was best if he left the mansion. There would never be an end to the pain the others would deal to him. "I talked to Logan before coming up as you asked."

Remy instantly stopped eating, he was worried about his friend, and he missed him. Ororo was a comfort, but he felt safe with Logan. He knew Ororo could hold her ground, if not more then Logan, but she would hesitate to hurt the others. Logan wouldn't, he knew that now, it only made the friendship that more precious to him. He couldn't stand to think of Logan in that cell. If Logan was hurting due to being caged he would not put off talking to him any longer, pain or not. "Is he alright?"

Ororo nodded weakly as she coaxed Remy to begin eating again. "He is holding up, a bit agitated. Few have visited him and the solitude, I fear, will be his undoing. He may fool others into believing he likes his lonely existence, but he does not. Being locked in that cell will not help matters either."

"Why are they keeping him there Stormy, he didn't do anything that he didn't feel was right. I talked to Henri, he said that Ange threatened me again. I know that don't mean much to most of the people here, but I thought it would be enough to justify letting him out of the cell. It's not his fault anyway..."

Ororo interrupted Remy, knowing what he was going to say. "Your right it is not his fault, it is Warren's."

Remy sighed, deciding against arguing. If he was going to get Ororo to do what he wanted later then he had to play nice. He wanted to try and talk to Logan tonight. He personally believed it would not happen for at least another day, he knew the pain would still be to much if he were to try going further then back and forth in his room. He still had to try.

Storm was happy that Remy did not argue with her. Maybe she would get through to him about this incident. She knew this had to be hard for him. It could only bring back nightmares from his past. Her brother didn't seemed to be too concerned with himself though, and that worried her a bit. He was more interested in Logan's welfare. He had sent her down to talk to the Canadian at least twice a day. She hoped he wasn't blaming himself too harshly for this. "I know you are worried about Logan, as am I, but we have to give it time Remy. I have voiced my opinion, but it doesn't not hold much leverage against the Professor and the others. I want you to worry about healing yourself, Logan will survive."

Remy nodded reluctantly. He couldn't think about himself right now. He knew what time would bring for his friend. He wouldn't let that happen. He finished his dinner and took the antibiotics that Ororo held out firmly, refusing to move until he took them.

"Do you need the pain medication as well?"

"Non, I think I will be alright for now. I'll take them before going to bed." Remy pushed back into his pillow and hissed at the numbness in his arm. He rubbed his arm trying to get feeling back.

Storm smiled and took over rubbing her brother's arm. She rubbed up and down his arm until he stopped flexing his fingers and closed his eyes. "I believe you are enjoying this too much."

Remy nodded weakly, his eyes still closed. "You can do my other arm too, then my legs, and then my feet...."

Ororo playfully swatted Remy on the arm. "Maybe I will continue later during your sponge bath." She raised her eyebrow seductively, showing him she could playfully flirt just as much as he could. "Until then I am going to take this tray downstairs, is there anything else you would like me to bring up?"

"Non, Stormy, I'm fine."

"Alright, I will be back shortly." She picked up the tray and headed out the door towards the kitchen.


Bobby waited for Ororo to clear the hall and knocked on the door lightly before walking in. "Remy?"

Remy glared at Bobby as he walked in the door. He did his best to look intimidating, just in case he was attacked again. He probably wouldn't be able to stop Bobby this time either, but he would put up more of a fight. "What do y' want?"

Bobby leaned against the closed door. He could see the aggravation on the Cajun's face and didn't want to be threatening. He wasn't here to fight. "I came to apologize..."

"Y' already did that."

"But you didn't except it..."

"I'm not going to now either."

Bobby sighed, frustrated at the snipping. He didn't want it to be like this. It was suppose to be simple. "But I said I was sorry!"

"So did I, look where it got me." Remy waved his hand down his battered body.

Bobby scowled. "This isn't fair!"

Remy was slowly losing the little rein he had over his anger. Bobby's childish display was wearing thin on his nerves. "Life isn't fair Robert. Get over it."

"What do you want to hear Remy? I wish I could take back what I did, but I can't. I said I'm sorry and I swear I mean it. I really am sorry for hurting you, I wasn't thinking! I just don't know what you want from me!"

"I want y' to leave me alone, that is what I want. You're not getting my forgiveness for what y' did, so live with it! Be lucky no one gives a shit about me around here or y' would be in a God damn holding cell too!"

"What is that suppose to mean! I'm not like Logan! I don't deserve that!" Bobby balled his hands into fists.

"Oh, but Logan does!" Remy sarcastically slapped his forehead. "Your right, he was defending me and y' were defending Warren, there's the difference! Logan and I aren't part of the clique of perfect students, things like this are expected of us, but when y' do it it's considered a slip of character. Just a few days of psychotherapy and your back to Professor perfect little soldier." Bobby's face took on a look of shock. Remy wondered if it he was actually naive to his special treatment. He was pretty sure that Bobby was going to attack him again. He was turning to ice and his fist where shaking with anger. Remy almost wanted it to happen, it would hurt and put a damper on his plans, but it would at least prove him right. He was sure Bobby wouldn't get into any trouble this time either. He was worth nothing to any of them.

Bobby wanted to cross the room and beat the hell out Remy. He clinched his jaw, grinding his teeth. He could feel his skin slowly icing up and knew he was losing it. He could see by the smirk on the Cajun's face that he was just waiting for him to make his move. He wouldn't do it, he couldn't let Remy be right. He fought back his rage and stormed out of the room, muttering curses under his breath.


Ororo flew down the hall when she saw Bobby exit Remy's room. She threw open the door in fear she would find Remy hurt again. "Remy!"

"It's alright Stormy, I'm fine." Remy laid on his side pretending to read a book leisurely. Bobby just made it very clear he had to continue with his plan tonight. He had to talk to Logan. To get that freedom he had to convince Ororo he was alright.

"Thank the Goddess. I thought he had attacked you again." Storm took a seat on the edge of the bed. She pushed back a piece of slightly dirty hair. "How about that sponge bath now?"

"Though it sounds very tempting I'm actually a bit tired. A good nights rest sounds too good to resist. Y' deserve one too." Remy poured a little bit of charm into his voice and smiled slightly when Storm seemed to take to the manipulation.

"I will sleep well right here." Storm stood to retrieve Remy's medication and get ready for bed.

"Stormy, I know y' don't like it in here. It's too small, too cramped for y'. I'm fine, I promise. Go upstairs and get a good night's rest. I'll still be here in the morning." Remy hated to lie to Ororo, but he needed her out of here. He pushed his charm on her as much as he could without detection.

Ororo handed Remy his pain pills and a glass of water and watched him take them. "Alright Remy, I will be upstairs if you need me. I don't want you to get out of bed without me, if you need to get up for anything call me on the intercom."

"Don't worry, I'm going to fall asleep and not wake until morning." He forced out a fake yawn.

"Good night brother, sweet dreams." Ororo bent down and kissed Remy on the forehead. Not feeling the charm present in her mind she headed out of the room and up to the loft. Without much thought she prepared for bed and fell asleep into deep oblivion.


Logan woke when he heard the elevator at the end of the hall swoosh open. He sat up on his cot and looked down at his watch. He dreaded to think who would be coming to see him at two in the morning. He stared at the shadow the elevator's light created in the dark hall, at first he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. He sniffed the air and found they weren't. "Remy, what the hell are ya doing? Ya should be in bed!"

"Quiet Logan." Remy whispered as he got closer to the cell. He didn't want someone to hear them, it would ruin everything.

Logan wanted to bust out of his cell and rush to Remy's side. He could see Remy was in pain. The young man's heavy breathing and shaky steps proved that. Once the Cajun got closer he could see it etched on his face. "Jesus kid, what are ya doing?"

"I came to see y'. I can't stand to think about y' locked in this cage because of me." Remy stumbled to the wall next to the force field and punched in the code he had earlier hacked out of the mainframe. The force field dropped. Before he could turn towards the cell he felt a heavy arm circle his waist.

"Remy ya shouldn't be standing, let alone walking all the way down here. Ya sure as hell shouldn't be letting me out of this cell." Logan shifted all of Remy's weight to him, hoping it would ease the pain. He could smell it coming off Remy like a wave.

"I have to let you out, they'll hurt y' if I don't. This is my fault, not yours. I don't want them to hurt y' because of my stupid mistake. If y' run they can't hurt y'."

Logan shook his head. "Remy, I can't do that. If I run they will know ya let me out and that is only going to cause more trouble for ya. Whatever they want to do to me they can. I'm not sorry for what I did. I couldn't let Warren hurt ya again. I'm not going to run and let them hurt ya for this, it would make everything I did meaningless."

Remy dropped his head on Logan's shoulder, if Logan knew just how much that meant to him. To know he actually cared enough to take punishment for him. He wanted to leave with Logan more then anything now. "They won't punish me if I'm not here to punish."

Logan pulled Remy back to look him in the eye. "You'll leave with me?" He couldn't help to think that would be the best idea. The best way to protect Remy and himself was to leave this place together. That is all he wanted to do was leave. The thought of going back into that cell was torturous. It took everything in his power the last few nights not to lose his mind to the nightmares and flashbacks of being caged. He would have went back in gladly if it meant protecting Remy from the others though. If they did leave together it would solve both problems.

"Oui, that was my plan. The both of us leave together. I have nothing holding me here anymore. Especially if y' leave."

"This is going to take more then ya just coming down here and telling me that kid. Maybe we should wait it out a few days, be a little more prepared. They are going to know we're taking off, we'll set off the alarms." He saw a grin cover the tired Cajun's face and he then realized that no alarm had gone off when his cage was opened.

"All taken care of. I shut off the alarms for one hour. They will automatically reset after that." Remy smiled.

"Well then let's get moving. I'm going to carry ya, if ya like it or not. Ya shouldn't have walked down here." Logan didn't wait for an argument. He lifted Remy up and held him close to his chest, being carefully not to move him to much.

"Ya don't have to do this, I can stand at least." Remy argued once they got into the elevator.

"Shush Gumbo, it's the least I can do. Let's not argue about this now. We need to get upstairs and pack some stuff and get going." He punched the elevator button with an extended claw.

"Um, that's taken care of too. I packed what I could of mine, and a bag of yours. I got most your clothes, your photos, your sword, and your cigars. I didn't know if there was anything else you wanted to take or not. I got what I knew you needed. I couldn't carry the bags though, so we will have to go get them and bring them down."

Logan looked at Remy stunned. He couldn't believe everything Remy accomplished under the circumstances. He would have never been able to do so much in the same condition. "Has anyone every told ya how amazing ya are?"

Remy looked into Logan's eyes and was surprised to see sincerity. He really meant it! "No, Logan, no one has ever said that to me."

Logan felt his heart ache at the sadness in the reply. He couldn't imagine that no one saw it but him. The kid never ceased to amaze him, ever. "Well ya amazed the hell out of me."


Logan quietly covered the distance from the elevator to the garage. They had little time left before the alarms kicked on and he still had to grab the bags from the elevator and get through the gates. He could tell all the excitement was getting to Remy, the kid was exhausted. He barely caught Remy before he hit the floor when they went to grab the bags. He didn't want to put the kid down, but he was forced to so he could retrieve the bags and return to the elevator.

He hoped he wasn't forgetting something important. He wasn't worried about his things, Remy had yet again amazed him. The boy had packed everything from his favorite flannel to the Cuban cigars he thought he had hidden from everyone in the floorboard. He felt a little guilty when he found out that Remy must have packed his things first. Remy's bag wasn't even half full, and looking around the room he could see several things he knew meant a lot to the him. He imagined Remy was just too tired to continue packing and gave up. He had grabbed the things he could and put them into Remy's bag, it's the least he could do for him.

He lightly nudged Remy, who had fallen asleep in his arms on the way down. He hated to wake him, the kid deserved to sleep, but he needed to know which vehicle to take. He didn't care, a cars a car, but he wanted Remy to be comfortable. He was pretty sure that they were going to be in it a lot for the next few weeks. "Remy, which car ya want to take?"

Remy weakly opened his eyes and was surprised to be in the garage. He didn't remember falling asleep. "I figured y' would want to take your Jeep."

Logan chuckled. "Well technically it's not mine, I just kinda staked my claim to it when I moved in. I don't think ya will be very comfortable in it, ya need to lay down."

A sly grin crossed Remy's face. He knew he shouldn't even be thinking about revenge at this point, but it couldn't be helped. Years of being the butt of everyone's anger can drive ya to the point of enjoying the little things you can do to get back at them. "Rogue's truck is out front. She's not here, so she won't miss it."

Logan raised an eyebrow at Remy's sly grin. He was right, it probably hadn't been moved in months since she left. He never understood why the girl needed a big dually like that anyway, she could just fly to where ever she needed to go, and she could haul more then the truck ever could. He had to admit it was a good choice too. There would be plenty of room for Remy to stretch out and enough room for their bags. He couldn't help but want to take it just to piss her off too. "Alright, the truck it is. It'll save us from having to open the garage door too, wouldn't want to wake up someone this late in the game."

Logan lifted Remy into the passenger seat and helped him get comfortable before going back for the bags. He silently grabbed there belongings from the elevator and crept out the side door to the truck. He looked at his watch and was thankful Remy picked an hour and not less. They had five minutes to get through the gates before the alarms reset. He jumped up in the cab and carefully lifted the sleeping Remy's head, laying it back down on his thigh. He cursed when he realized he forgot to find keys.

"There in the ashtray Logan." Remy quietly whispered before falling completely asleep.

Logan shook his head and started the truck. Amazing. It's all he could think as he pulled out of the front gates. He didn't bother to look back. Everything he needed was in the truck with him.