Logan yawned and stretched as he stood from the bed he shared with Remy. Looking at his watch when he picked it up from the counter, he noticed it was only 8pm. "Shit!" He cursed at his now screwed up sleeping schedule, but decided there was little he could do about it. He reached over and lightly placed his hand over Remy forehead, the fever was still there. He had checked the Cajun several times in the night and the fever hadn't gotten worse, but hadn't gotten better either. They were not about to travel with Remy sick, it would only make the fever worse. He pulled the covers up over Remy's body and tucked him in, there was still plenty of time for the kid to sleep, they weren't going anywhere tonight.

He slowly stumbled into the bathroom and cursed the lack of coffee. He would have to get his morning duties out of the way and then fetch some from the diner, along with breakfast. His stomach growl to announce it liked the idea. After getting dressed and shaving he headed back out to the bedroom to find Remy curled up under the covers, cradling the pillow he once slept on. A sudden urge to be back under those covers again came over him. It was nice to wake up with someone in the bed next to him. This was the first time in a long while he didn't feel lonely, which surprised him. Just yesterday he had lost everyone that he considered family, all but one. That one made him feel more complete then the whole mansion full of people. He stood there a while just watching Remy sleep, he looked so peaceful. It was too perfect of a scene to interrupt.

He decided to let Remy sleep while he fetched breakfast, or dinner, which ever the diner would serve him. He would check them in for another night as well. Hopefully in the morning Remy's fever will have broke and they can get moving. They really hadn't put too much distance between them and the mansion, but he wasn't about to make the Cajun sick by furthering that distance. It would give them time to figure out where the hell where going anyway. He took one last look at Remy and after deciding the younger man was good and asleep, he headed out.


"Thanks!" Logan huffed at the waitress after grabbing his bags. He had to wait twenty minutes for food after ordering, even though he was one of three people in the diner. The smell of the food in the sacks made it seem worth it though. He just had to remember to call ahead next time. He really didn't want to be gone this long, but there was nothing he could do about it now. He had managed to get the room another night and won over the old lady at the counter at the same time. If anyone came asking for them she would let them know. He also moved the truck to the back of the building, then they couldn't see it from the street, he just had to hope no flyers came with them.

Logan looked across the small street when his hearing picked up a door opening. He quickly crossed the street after a passing Semi truck and quickened his pace as he hit the parking lot. Remy was the one that opened the door, standing in the doorway looking around. "Kid, what are ya..." Logan didn't get to finish his sentence before Remy was wrapped around him so tight he thought even his adamantium bones were going to be crushed in his neck. He could smell the salt from tears and instantly felt like an idiot, he realized what was wrong before Remy even said it.

"I thought y' left me." Remy refused to let go of Logan, he was afraid he would disappear again. The terror he felt waking up to Logan being gone and the truck missing almost gave him a heartattack. He would have never survived on his own, not anymore, he realized that now. How he managed as a child he will never know.

Logan clumsily pushed Remy in the door. Managing to get the door closed and the bags of food on the table without the Cajun letting go. Once his hands were free he wrapped them around Remy trying to calm him down. "I would have never left ya Remy. I just went to get us some breakfast. I thought moving the truck around back would be a good idea, that's why it's not out front. I should have woke ya up to tell ya, but you looked so peaceful, and I knew ya needed the sleep. I never meant to scare ya like that." He felt Remy's trembling body and felt bad for being so stupid. He knew the kid was unstable right now, if he ever was stable.

Remy pulled away and wiped his eyes. "I'm sorry, I'm just being a bebe. It just scared me to find you gone, you're all I have left, I don't want to lose y' too."

Logan pulled Remy back to the bed and got him to lay down again. He knew just saying it was not going to make Remy understand he would never leave him. He vowed to somehow, one day, make Remy understand that he would always be here. He couldn't no more leave the Cajun, then Remy could live without him. "Listen, you don't have to worry about me ever leaving. The only way I'm going somewhere is if you tell me to leave. You're all I have left too, remember. That is something I never want ya to worry about. Now, let's eat before the food gets cold. I hope you're hungry."

Remy nodded and sat up slowly. He put weight on his back and found the pain a tolerable dull throb, he was actually happy he could finally sit up. Eating laying down was a chore. "Actually Logan, I'm a bit hungry."

Logan startled turning back around and seeing Remy sitting. "You're not hurting or anything?"

"I'm fine, that bath last night helped a lot. That with the drugs and I barely feel a thing. I won't be sitting in church pews anytime soon, but the bed is soft enough." Remy's eyes widened at the amount of food Logan started sitting out on the bed. "Do they have any food left over there?"

Logan snorted. "I'm sure the two other people in the diner will have enough to fight over."

Remy rolled his eyes while snagging a piece of bacon. "This town that small, huh? I'll be happy to leave."

"Not tonight, I checked us in for another day. You are running a fever and I want it gone before we leave. I don't want ya getting worse."

"I'm fine Logan, we can leave, I promise. I'll...."

Logan stuffed a piece of bacon in the Cajun's mouth to stop him, it was a waste of breath. "Shush it, Gumbo. There's no use in arguing. I already paid for the extra day, and we're going to use it. We need to figure out where the hell we are going anyway. This will give us some time to do that. Right now, you're going to eat, take your drugs, and we are going to take a nap. We need to try and get back on a half way decent schedule. This waking up at 8pm stuff has to stop, it's disorienting."

They finished up in relative silence. Remy ate as much as he could handle and Logan happily ate the rest. By the time Logan cleaned up the mess on the bed and forced a glass of orange juice with medication down Remy's throat, the young man was yawning again.

"Looks like you're already tired again." Logan smiled while kicking his boots off into the corner. He made sure the door was locked and made his way back to the bed. "Ya sure ya don't want me to sleep in the chair."

Remy tiredly sighed. "Don't start this argument again Logan. We danced that dance last night. I like y' here." Remy patted the mattress next to him.

Logan flipped off the light and moved under the covers. He rolled over on his side when he felt Remy brush his arm lightly.


"Yea, kid?"

Remy smiled, knowing Logan could see him in the dark just as well as he could see him. "Merci, for everything. Y' really don't have to be doing this. Y' never had to fight with Warren or leave with me. I'm glad y' did though."

"Don't worry about it. I'm sure you'll pay me back one day."

"Maybe I can pay y' back a little now, non?" Remy purred.

"What are ya...." Before Logan could even voice his confusion his mouth was covered by the softest lips he had ever encountered. He was startled at first, ignoring the tongue that brushed his teeth, begging for entrance. The second time he excepted, pulling Remy's head closer to him, deepening the kiss. All thoughts were on those lips and that tongue. For several minutes his mind was lost in that kiss, until it occurred to him exactly why he was receiving it. He gently pushed Remy away. "What are ya doing kid?"

"I thought it's what y' wanted." Remy whispered. He bit his lip, trying to fight back tears. He felt like running, but he knew there was no where to go. All he could think was that screwed up again, like he always did.

For a moment they lay there in silence. Logan could tell by the look on the Cajun's face he was hurt and confused. Logan wanted to explain his rejection, it wasn't because he didn't want this, he did, but he wasn't sure exactly how to say why he had to stop it. He didn't want to hurt Remy anymore then he already did. Normal reasoning didn't work with Remy, he had learned that long ago.

"Remy, I want ya to listen to me, and don't interrupt. I want ya to understand that I do want this, more then anything, but not like this. I want you to want this too..." Logan lightly placed his fingers on Remy's lips when he tried to argue. "Kid, I know you can't possible want this now. You are still in pain, and sick, and you were just attacked less then a week ago. I don't want to do this just because you think you owe me, or you think I will leave if you don't. If anything I owe you! I would be going insane in a cell in the basement of the mansion if ya wouldn't have let me out. And I already told ya, I'm not going anywhere. So, please, just listen to your heart on this one, not that messed up voice in your head that tells ya to do this stuff. I want you, but I am willing to wait until you are ready. Now come here." Logan pulled Remy to his chest and wrapped his arms around the thin frame. He could hear and smell the tears. He suspected that he was probably the first person that did this for Remy, not just taken what was given without a second thought. He hoped this would be a turn in Remy's life, for the better. He held Remy in his arms until he cried himself to sleep. He laid there for a while, stroking Remy's hair, until he too fell into sleep himself.



Warren's eyes fluttered at that command. He slowly took in his surroundings and cringed at recognizing the lab he was in. "Apocalypse, what do you want? Let me out of these restraints!"

"Do not fear Archangel, I have no reason to hurt you, not yet anyway." Apocalypse released the bonds holding Warren, to prove he had not intentions to harm the young mutant. He was sure after telling and showing him what he was brought here for, Warren would allow his tampering.

"That's Angel now! No thanks to you! What am I here for?" Warren stood as soon as the bonds were removed and put distance between him and the monster that had hurt him in the past. He then realized that the wounds from Logan were gone. He looked down and found only tears and rips in his uniform, no cuts, not even scars.

"Yes, I healed you. The wounds that Wolverine inflicted would have been fatal. I took you from your personal battlefield before the X-men allowed you to perish. I brought you here because I feel we have something in common, there is something we both want, and I believe we can help each other reach our goals." Apocalypse reached over and pushed the button on the large screen in front of them.

Angel gasped at the image on the screen. Logan and Remy laid in the same bed together, looking peaceful and content. "They...they're together."

"Angers you does it not? I feel your rage for Gambit rising, as you have your right. This man took away your family, would have had you killed if it were not for me. All because he manipulated one man. I feel I can help you to avenge your honor and reestablish your place with your family. I can give you power, enough to take down this Gambit."

"I won't give you my wings again. I won't become Death for you." Warren whispered. The deal was almost too much to resist, but he couldn't lose his wings again. He couldn't work for this monster, it almost killed him the last time.

"No, you will not become Death, you will not work for me, you will work with me. I do not want your wings, or your mind. I want to give you power that will help you defeat Gambit. Nothing more."

Warren looked at Apocalypse in confusing, nothing this man had ever given him was this easy, this free. "What do you want in return? Whats the price?"

Apocalypse hit a switch on the computer, causing the screen to zoom in on the sleeping Logan. "I want Wolverine returned to me."