All the basic information and stats of Remy LeBeau, Gambit of the X-Men and Thieves Guild. All his personal information and more. Histories with friends, family, and foes can be found here. Along with detailed lists of all the items Gambit has stolen and charged over the years. Uniform changes, fun quotes, translations of cleverly Cajun sayings, and much more. If you are a new fan and would like a place to start, this is a good place to be.
This area is home of the legendary Gambit Appearance Database. A detailed listing of all the appearances of Gambit in comic books, art books, magazines, and other printed media. All guaranteed appearances with detailed information so you can complete your Gambit collection, if you are a casual reader or a rabid collector that must have it all. Also, a full listing of must reads and all the crossovers that are graced with Remy, along with read orders and detail listings.
Looking for non-comic book related information, like video games, and cartoons? Here is the place. News and information on all those appeances and more. Also home to the Goods Database, with detailed information on all the official merchandise sold featuring Gambit, including clothing, action figures, paper goods, and more.
So many trading cards, so little time! Galleries and information on all the Gambit related non-sport trading cards and game based cards out there, past and present. Also, a detailed gallery of all the sketch cards that can be found for all the Marvel based sets, either found or commissioned, broke up by artist so you can find your favorites.
This is home to all the depositories of images, mainly Gambit, but a few teammates as well. Edits gallery, images that backgrounds have been removed are here. Promotional covers, splash page, and other art are here too. Also, the fan art galleries featuring all your favorite artist's works of Gambit, including a special page for our resident favorite, Andrei Bressan.
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September 11, 2013
The All New Sketch Card and AP Card Database is up and fully linked! All artists with Gambit related official sketch cards are up and linked to where you can find them for even more information.
July 2015
The All New Sketch Card Database is up! The artist pages are being added a group at a time.
January 29, 2015
New comics appearances added:
    All New X-Factor:
      All New X-Factor #9
      All New X-Factor #10
      All New X-Factor #11
      All New X-Factor #12
      All New X-Factor #13
      All New X-Factor #15
      All New X-Factor #16
      All New X-Factor #17
      All New X-Factor #18
      All New X-Factor #19
      All New X-Factor #20
    Avengers Vs. X-Men Related:
      A+X #16
    Uncanny X-Men Series:
      Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 3 #28
    X-Men Character Related Comics:
      Magneto, Vol 3 #8
      Nightcrawler, Vol. 4 #7
    X-Men Legacy Series:
      X-Men Legacy #300
    Wolverine Related Comics:
      Wolverine and the X-Men, Vol. 2 #4
    X-Men Volume 2 and Volume 3 Comics:
      X-Men, Vol. 3 #23
    Generation X, Genext and New X-Men Comics:
      All New X-Men #18
    Excalibur, X-Force, and X-Factor Comics:
      X-Force, Vol. 4 #5
New images added in the Advertisement Gallery
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November 11, 2014
New images added to Comic Cover Gallery
New images added to Edits Gallery
New images added to Wallpaper Gallery
May 20, 2014
All New X-Factor added to the Appearance Database, along with 8 issues.
January 28 , 2014
New images added to the Advertisements Gallery
New images added to the Splash Page Gallery
New images added to the Covers gallery
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New accounts added to the Charge Accounts
Information updated and images added to the Movie Information
December 30, 2013
Video Games area (under Media) has been redone. New games added. Larger images added too.
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